A child playing outside in Rock Hill made a discovery. It was not a toy – The Herald

A child playing outside his home Wednesday in Rock Hill found live ammunition, police said.

The child was not hurt, said Lt. Michael Chavis, spokesman for the Rock Hill Police Department.

The child was playing when he found 18 .40-caliber bullets and two magazines that hold ammunition near his home in an apartment complex on Hearn Street, Chavis said.

The child’s mother called police, who seized the ammunition, according to an incident report.

Officers conducted a search but did not find any guns or other materials, Chavis said. The bullets did not match any reports of stolen ammunition, Chavis said.

Chavis said the family acted properly to immediately notify law enforcement after finding the ammunition.

The bullets were placed into evidence then destroyed, police said.

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Texas Disability Group Wants Victims' Voices Heard In Gun Debate – NPR

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Susan Nelson, author and public speaker on brain injury awareness and gun safety, at her home in Austin, Texas. Nelson survived a point-blank gunshot to the head in 1993. Gabriel C. Perez/KUT hide caption

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A disability rights group in Texas sent out a survey last month, trying to figure out how many of its members became disabled by gun violence. The group, ADAPT of Texas, says it’s an effort to collect data that will help inform Texas lawmakers about how they should legislate guns.

Bob Kafka, an organizer with ADAPT, says when gun violence occurs, particularly mass shootings, the public tends to have a pretty limited discussion about what happens to the victims.

Susan Nelson was one of those victims. About 25 years ago, she was having dinner at a friend’s house. Her friend had a gun.

“It was registered and everything,” she says of her friend’s firearm.

There was also a young man there that night. He’d been thrown out of his parents’ house and was unstable. He found the gun and confronted both Nelson and her friend, saying he was going to rob and then kill them. Nelson says he first shot her in her left shoulder.

“I stood up to turn to run and was shot in the back of the head,” she says. “My friend was as well and that’s the last part I remember from the shooting. My friend died in flight to the hospital and I woke from a coma two weeks later.”

She was 29-years-old and had to start her life all over.

“I was paralyzed,” she says. “I could barely read and write. My vision was really bad so I had to spend the next seven months

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As others protest guns, student hosts forum supporting Second Amendment – Sun Sentinel

As thousands of students nationwide walked out of school Friday to protest gun violence, Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv held a pro-Second Amendment forum online that drew hundreds.

He said he hoped it would serve as an alternative voice amid a growing cry for greater gun control following the massacre at his school on Feb. 14, which left 17 dead and 17 wounded.

Among the 12 speakers in Kashuv’s program, which he hosted on his Twitter page, was Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter Meadow in the shooting. He called on students to reject marches for gun control and focus on school safety. He called out law enforcement and school administration officials who he says failed to keep his daughter and the other victims safe.

“How about marching on the FBI office in Miramar? … Everyone could march on the FBI office, everyone could march on the sheriff’s office,” he said. “Let’s get together and march for school safety, and we could get it done very fast.’’

But Pollack was largely alone in calling for gun-control advocates and gun-rights supporters to come together for school safety. Other speakers, such as former congressman Joe Walsh and former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka, warned of “radical progressives,” who were plotting to confiscate firearms.

Dick Heller, who was at the center of a Supreme Court case that overturned Washington D.C.’s handgun ban, pointed out that school hardening efforts in other countries led to a drop in school shootings. He cited Israel as an example, where every school with more than 100 students must have an armed guard posted.

But Heller did not mention Israel’s more-stringent gun control requirements, including mental and physical exams for potential gun owners.

Charlie Kirk, founder of the conservative college organization Turning Point USA, said schools are

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Science's “Reproducibility Crisis” Is Now Political Ammunition | WIRED – WIRED

This story originally appeared on Undark and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

David Randall and Christopher Welser are unlikely authorities on the reproducibility crisis in science. Randall, a historian and librarian, is the director of research at the National Association of Scholars, a small higher education advocacy group. Welser teaches Latin at a Christian college in Minnesota. Neither has published anything on replication or reproducibility.

But when a report the two men wrote, “The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science,” was published by the National Association of Scholars on Tuesday afternoon, it received a Congressional reception. The launch took place in a House office building on Capitol Hill. The Texas Republican Lamar Smith, chairman of the House science committee and one of the most powerful science policymakers in Washington, spoke at the event. In a statement to Undark, he described the NAS report as an “important study.”

The report offers a lucid overview of the reproducibility debate. It also suggests 40 measures to help scientists produce more rigorous, reliable research. Most of these proposed reforms will sound familiar—and welcome—to scientists concerned about the issue.

Other details of the report, though, promise to raise concerns—starting with the involvement of Smith, who has dismissed climate science—or what he calls “the climate change religion”—as liberal alarmism. And indeed, the National Association of Scholars report alludes repeatedly, without offering much evidence, to a looming reproducibility crisis in climate science itself. The organization has a history of promoting climate denialism, and William Happer, a Princeton physicist and climate change skeptic who argues that extra carbon dioxide is good for the planet, wrote the report’s afterword, in which he accuses scientists of hoodwinking “deplorables.”

The report also calls for legislation, long championed by Smith, that many scientists argue could suppress research and

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Has Parkland changed Americans' views on guns? – Washington Post

Support for new gun-control laws has risen to levels higher than after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre in 2012, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, with a slight majority of Americans saying student protests for greater gun restrictions represent a “lasting movement.”

As students prepare to walk out of schools Friday in protest on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings, the poll finds clear majority support for three specific and recently debated restrictions, including an assault-weapons ban, raising the age restriction on certain guns and “red-flag laws” that let police remove guns from people deemed dangerous.

More broadly, a 57 percent majority of Americans say enacting new laws to try to reduce gun violence should be a priority, an increase from 46 percent who said this in 2015 and 52 percent five months after the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

There are mixed signs that gun-control supporters will have more sway at the ballot box. Support for new gun laws has grown among Democratic-leaning groups as well as swing-voting demographics. But at the same time, people who strongly prioritize new gun laws are no more likely to say they’re certain to vote in this November’s elections than the public overall (58 percent each).

In addition, while 41 percent of those who strongly prioritize new gun laws say agreeing with a congressional candidate on gun policy is “extremely important,” a larger 50 percent of those who strongly prioritize gun rights say the same.

Whatever the electoral consequences, a slim 53 percent majority say that students across the country holding rallies to call for stricter gun laws represent a lasting movement, while 43 percent say it is more of a one-time thing.

Support for new proposals

The poll

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