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22 Sep

The WPT officially announced their strategic partnership with JetSmarter, ‘the world’s largest private air travel and style community.’

JetSmarter is a Private Jet subscription service that allows its members to reserve seats on over 50 routes across three continents and book private flights to virtually anywhere in the world.

The service also allows its members to network with each other, giving them an opportunity to find some influential friends. 

Earlier this week, WPT announced that Jetsmarter has become the ‘official private jet partner’ of the WPT Bogarta Poker Open Main Event. The deal adds a free JetSmarter membership valued in $5,000 for the winner of this year’s Main Event.

This isn’t the first time the WPT has added a sponsored product to the prize pool, the WPT Legends of Poker Main Event offered free Color Wine bottles to the first 47 spots.  However, a bottle of wine isn’t nearly as lavish as a private jet subscription, then again, it’s also not as practical.  

The value this would give to a professional poker player goes far beyond a baller private jet ride.

Travel expenses limit the number of tournaments a live pro can play in a year, taking away even a fraction of that cost would be a huge relief for the winner. It would allow them to play more WPT stops than they otherwise would.

In return, JetSmarter gets their name buzzing amongst the high stakes live poker community, which, besides pro poker players, also includes businessmen, day traders, Hollywood stars and other potential clients.

The more that you look into it the more this partnership makes sense for everyone involved, including the poker community.

If this move proves successful for JetSmarter, it might incentivize other Silicon Valley companies to invest in live poker promotion.


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Keywords CEO Says SDL, Lionbridge 'Don't Play Strongly' in Gaming – Slator

Investor faith in Keywords Studio was affirmed on September 19, 2017, when the game localization firm announced a 163% surge in first-half net income to EUR 3.49m (USD 4.16m), driven by acquisitions and organic growth.

Revenue, including contributions from acquisitions, increased by 50% to EUR 63.8m thanks to “the successful integration and continued progress of the 2016 acquisitions” Keywords said in its half-year report, “coupled with strong like for like growth” of 17% across most of its service lines.


In a briefing to analyst, CEO Andrew Day advised that “third-quarter trading is in line with management expectations” and the investment case remains intact for Keywords given the pipeline of acquisitions available, client cross-selling opportunities within its more balanced service model, and the trend towards outsourcing in the high growth gaming industry.


Keywords is bullish on the USD 109bn global games market, as estimated by NEWZOO in its 2Q 2017 Global Games report, and which is forecasted to grow at 6% CAGR through 2020.

The services segment is estimated at USD 5bn per annum and nearly 50% is currently outsourced by games developers to third parties.

Amongst Keywords client base of about 400 developers, they claim to service 23 of the top 25 games companies by revenue (as ranked by Newzoo in June 2017) and seven of the top mobile games (as ranked by PocketGamer in May 2017).

In addition to capturing the industry’s top players, Keywords strategy is to cross-sell more services into these clients, with the number of clients buying more than 3 of its 7 services up 40% to 84 clients.

Localization Still a Growth Driver

Although Keywords is developing itself into an “international technical services provider to the global video gaming industry” by offering a complete range of services, Localization and Localization

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RVers can bank on casino industry for blacktop boondocking – Bucks County Courier Times

The popularity of Recreation Vehicles continues to skyrocket for both retirees and millennials. Many of these RVers are looking for ways to trim their overall cost of overnight campground stays.

This is especially true when RVers are traveling long distances and simply want a safe place to pull off the highway and sleep for a few hours before continuing their journey.

Enter the casino industry. Hundreds of casinos across the country are taking advantage of this niche market by offering free overnight stays in their parking lots. This practice, also referred to as blacktop boondocking, or dry camping, is when an RVer parks for free on casino property, without the benefit of hookups or other amenities common in fee-based RV parks.

“In our early years on the road,” said Jane Kenny, author of Casino Camping: Guide to RV-Friendly Casinos, “every time we would stumble upon a casino, we pulled in to play for a few hours and sample the buffet. No matter what the State, we often noticed a number of RVs parked in the casino lot, usually grouped together at the far end.”

Jane Kenny and her husband, Jack, began RVing full-time in 2000 in their 38-foot Winnebago Suncruiser. They discovered that most casinos are RV-Friendly and allow free parking overnight for self-contained vehicles. Many casinos also offer full-service campgrounds at a reasonable cost.

“Rarely will a casino turn away a camper who asks for permission to stay overnight in their lot, and if they do, it is usually for lack of space to accommodate large vehicles,” said Kenny.

Steve and Jackie Jones of Lake Havasu City, Ariz., have stayed at casinos for more than 30 years, both in dry camp and at the commercial RV parks. “We have never had an issue parking because

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What happened to suspects in 1980 extortion-bombing at Harvey's casino? – Sacramento Bee

Q: This happened decades ago, but in 1980 a bomb was placed in Harvey’s Casino Lake Tahoe for ransom by two or three people, possibly a father and son. The bomb went off and they eventually were sent to prison, but who were they and are they still incarcerated and where?

Steve, Folsom

A: John Birges Sr., the convicted mastermind of the 1980 extortion attempt that resulted in an explosion at Harvey’s Resort Hotel/ Casino at Lake Tahoe, died of liver cancer in a Nevada prison in 1996.

Birges was 74 when he died at the Southern Nevada Correctional Center in Jean 16 years and one day after a 1,000-pound, homemade bomb was rolled into the casino with a $3 million extortion note, according to an Associated Press story. He was convicted in 1981 on federal bombing and extortion charges. In 1985, he was convicted on separate but related state charges.

A self-described Hungarian freedom fighter, Birges immigrated to the United Sates in 1957, and by 1971, he had become a millionaire as a result of a successful landscaping and sprinkler business in the Fresno area. But he was also a gambler and had run up and $800,000 debt at Harvey’s.

On Aug. 26, 1980, casino employees found the bomb, disguised as computer equipment, in an office area. The extortion note demanded $3 million in used $100 bills in exchange for information on how to stop the bomb from exploding.

Bomb experts were summoned and after 33 hours of analysis, authorities tried to defuse the device with an explosive charge designed to dismantle an elaborate switch system, according to the AP story. The explosion ripped a huge hole in the side of the 11-story hotel casino, which had been evacuated. Harvey’s was closed for about eight months and the

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Tabcorp working with Telstra on security for gaming – ZDNet

Gaming services company Tabcorp has entrusted its online security operations to Telstra, saying the telecommunications provider’s new cybersecurity centres and services provide a more individualised and transparent approach.

Speaking during the annual Telstra Vantage conference in Melbourne, Tabcorp CISO Brendan Smith said the danger of losing the trust of its customers in a data breach is the biggest fear of the Tabcorp board.

However, with the brand needing to digitally transform in order to offer online services to continue competing with rival offerings, Smith explained that it has been difficult to balance security with innovation.

“While I’m trying to do everything I can to ensure that the trust of the customer is earned and protected, I have a business that needs to move faster, with more agility, more flexibility, more use of big data, more use of the customer data in order to create that personalised experience, which is the other thing you hear about along with machine learning,” Smith explained on Thursday.

“So that customer profiling and the personalisation presents risks which I have to try and manage back into the business to make sure that we maintain the trust.”

Smith explained that the gaming and wagering industry has vast sums of money floating around online, making it a prime target for hacking attempts.

Telstra CEO Andy Penn had announced in his Vantage keynote on Wednesday that Telstra is working with Tabcorp on security because gaming companies are one of the most lucrative targets of cyber attacks.

“What’s critical is we can help monitor and protect Tabcorp’s network from a security perspective,” Penn said.

Calling Telstra a “technology optimist”, Penn said it is utilising its newly launched security operations centres (SOCs) in Melbourne and Sydney, along with its new managed virtual security service, which he said brings

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