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If you’ve ever sipped a craft beer and thought, “Why does my beer smell like bananas?” your next question should be “Is that the yeast?” As one of the primary elements of brewing, alongside hops, malts and water, yeast has an extraordinary impact on the flavors and aromas of beer. But what exactly is yeast and what does it actually do for beer?

PACIFIC sat down with Kara Taylor, senior laboratory manager and White Labs veteran for nearly a decade, to get the professional scoop.

Why is yeast fundamental to beer?

KARA TAYLOR: It is the organism that is going to turn sugar into alcohol. The reason we have alcohol is because of yeast.

What is the process?

Yeast consumes the sugars, like maltose in the grain and through that consumption it creates CO2, alcohol, and all of the flavor and aroma compounds.

What is the difference between beer yeast and, say, bread yeast?

They are same species, but they are a different strain, and beer yeasts have been developed to make good flavors and bread to make CO2.

Courtesy photo

White Labs cultivates yeast used in brewing beer.

White Labs cultivates yeast used in brewing beer.

(Courtesy photo)

So beer yeast has been modified?

Over generations of brewers passing down yeast from brewer to brewer, we have domesticated brewer’s yeast.

What are some of the types of yeast used in craft beer?

Well-known types include hefeweizen yeast, which gives banana, clove and spicy character, and saison yeast, which gives floral notes, more esters and pepper. Then there is the more general ale yeast, which allows hops or malt to come forward and showcase other elements of the beer — it’s a “cleaner” yeast.

How are wild yeasts different from cultivated yeasts?


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Food notes: Alewerks takes second place at local beer awards – Daily Press

Veer Magazine handed out its annual Golden Tap Awards for local breweries last week at a ceremony at O’Connor Brewing Co. in Norfolk. Benchtop Brewing in Norfolk took home the top prize for the most points accumulated in the beer-specific categories. Williamsburg area’s Alewerks, which took the top prize in 2017, came in second.

Benchtop took gold medals in seven categories, plus one silver, one bronze, and a couple of shared awards in collaboration categories. The awards are determined by a combination of online reader votes and a panel of local experts.

Alewerks took gold in four categories — amber and brown American beer (for its Tavern Brown Ale), pale malty European lager (for Weekend Lager), strong Belgian ale (for Jubilee XII) and wood beer (for Cafe Royale).

The Virginia Beer Co., also from Williamsburg, took gold in the European sour beer category (for One Night in Georgia Peach Berliner Weisse) and in the strong American ale category (for Rob Your Head Imperial Ale).

The Vanguard in Hampton won for best beer and live music venue, and the Amber Ox Public House in Williamsburg won for best brewpub for food and beer. The DoG Street Pub in Williamsburg was chosen as having the best draft selection under 20 taps.

For a full list of categories and results, go online to

New Italian

Gallina Grasso (that’s Italian for fat hen) has opened in City Center at Oyster Point in Newport News. After a soft open last week, the restaurant is now up and running daily for lunch at 11 a.m. and dinner starting at 4 p.m.

Chef David Payne said the cuisine will be “new Italian” with other Mediterranean influences, and with some local touches — such as substituting blue crab in some traditional lobster dishes. The first night

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Authorities searching for suspects who bought beer before robbing clerk at gunpoint – WOAI

(Photo: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)


The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office needs your help finding robbery suspects that bought beer and then robbed a Dollar General clerk at gunpoint last week.

Authorities were called Dec. 10 to the Dollar General at 8745 Old Pearsall Road for reports of a robbery in progress. Two men and a women entered Dollar General, looked around for cell phone related items and purchased a beer. After buying the beer, one of the men pulled a gun, pointed it at the cashiers face and robbed her at gunpoint for $483.

Officials believe the suspect wearing the Spurs hat is in his 30’s or early 40’s, while the woman is likely in her 30’s. Call 210-335-6070 if you have any information on the suspects.

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Where to Buy Beer and Other Booze for Cheap – Free

Planning to ring in the New Year with a glass of bubbly, a vodka martini or maybe just a Bud Light? Whether you’re looking for some booze to bring to the party or are hosting one yourself, it’s always smart to shop for the lowest price.

To help you find the best deals, we looked everywhere from big chains like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to neighborhood liquor shops in New York City to find out how big of a difference it makes where you buy your booze. We also looked online for deals and learned that the shipping costs can erase most savings unless you buy in bulk—plus many online stores don’t ship everywhere in the US or even everything they sell in their physical stores.

So who had the best prices? For one-stop shopping our pick is Costco and its adjacent liquor store, Brooklyn Liquors, in Brooklyn (since you can’t buy hard alcohol in grocery stores in the state). But we also found great deals on beer at Target and bubbly at Trader Joe’s.

When in doubt, always opt for the larger bottle or higher number of cans or bottles packaged together for the lowest price per volume. If you’re buying in bulk, always ask for a discount. Wine shops typically offer 10 percent off when you buy a case, for example.

Here are the prices we found for seven different kinds of booze:

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne (750 milliliters)

Trader Joe’s Wine Shop has a great deal on Veuve Clicquot right now.

Bottle Shoppe (Brooklyn): $66
Beekman Liquor (Manhattan): $63
Quality Liquor Store (online and in San Diego, California): $60
Mitchell’s Wine & Liquors (Manhattan): $53
Whole Foods wine store (Manhattan): $50
BQE Wine & Liquors (Brooklyn): $46
Costco/Brooklyn Liquors: $43 (with ice jacket)
Best deal: Trader Joe’s Wine Shop: $42

Ketel One

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Palatial New York Beer Project nears opening in Victor – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle


The New York Beer Project will soon open its second location. This one is in Victor and is constructed to resemble some iconic New York buildings. Will Cleveland, @WillCleveland13

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Finish work on the outside of the bar in the tap room at New York Beer Project in Victor. (Photo: Max Schulte / Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)Buy Photo

There’s a 15,700-square-foot reason that Kelly and Kevin Krupski can’t stop smiling.

Thanks to the work of Genesee Construction and the vision of developer Fred Rainaldi Jr. and Hanlon Architects, the Krupskis are on the cusp of opening their second New York Beer Project location.

The original is in Lockport, Niagara County. The equally palatial Victor, Ontario County, location is slated to host a sneak peek event for mug club members on Feb. 11 and then will have its official grand opening on Feb. 14.

The limestone exterior of the site at 300 High St. in Victor is modeled after the historic Seneca Knitting Mill at the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls. The interior, which features cathedral-like 46-feet-high ceilings, is meant to evoke memories of the Atlantic Garden, an iconic beer hall in New York City.

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