Police: He had 5 loaded guns, extra ammunition when found outside a Kentucky business – Lexington Herald Leader

A possible mass shooting at a factory was thwarted by two employees and two Springfield police officers responding to a trespassing complaint.

Matthew R. Smith, 37, faces several charges after he was found Monday with multiple guns and made statements to police indicating “he was planning to conduct a mass shooting inside LB Manufacturing,” the department said in a Tuesday Facebook post. Smith also said he had been “analyzing the building layout to include entrances/exits, approaches, and even the air vents on the roof,” according to police.

Police responded to LB Manufacturing over a report of a suspicious vehicle trespassing, according to court records. An employee had tried to confront the driver in the parking lot, but the driver refused to leave, police said Tuesday. That employee told his supervisor to call police.

When Assistant Chief Joe Templeman and Capt. Tony Golden approached Smith in his pickup truck about 4 p.m., Templeman said he asked for Smith’s name and Smith “began making furtive movements in the vehicle and asked” for the officer’s badge number, according to an arrest report filed in court.

Smith, of Willisburg, refused to give his name and did not step out of the vehicle when Templeman asked, according to police. The assistant police chief opened the driver’s door and noticed a Glock handgun in Smith’s hand about the same time Smith began raising it toward Templeman’s chest, according to court records.

Templeman was able to grab the handgun, pass it to Golden and wrestle Smith to the ground, Smith’s arrest citation stated. Smith began to reach for the front of his waistband, where police found another handgun, court records showed.

After Smith was handcuffed, Templeman and Golden found another Glock strapped to Smith’s ankle; a possibly modified and fully automatic AR-15 in the front passenger seat

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Which Pearl spot has sold the most alcohol this year? (slideshow) – San Antonio Business Journal

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Sierra Leone: Arms and ammunition investigations – The Patriotic Vanguard

The Sierra Leone army says three “major arms and ammunition investigations” are currently ongoing involving its members.

A board of inquiry is looking into one, the Ministry of Defence and the police are looking into two other separate ones.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defence, one of the investigations concerns the “serious shortage” of arms and ammunition assigned to the presidential guards unit of former president Ernest Bai Koroma. Even though they would not give details of the arms and ammunition that are unaccounted for, the shortage was discovered during stock checking exercise by the current Commander of Joint Logistics Unit, Colonel Albert Bockarie.

For this, the commander of the former presidential guard unit, Brigadier General Albert Kargbo has been suspended, while the Officer Commanding, Captain Patrick Kamara is under detention.

A second incident being investigated by the police concerns the discovery at the President’s Lodge of “a large cache of ammunition which appeared to have been dumped in a cesspit sucker-way”, according to a statement from defence headquarters.

The ammunition included 178 rounds of 12.7mm Chinese and 1,606 rounds of 14.5mm Chinese, retrieved in the presence of various security agencies weeks after the March presidential election.
To this, four senior military officers were released to the police for investigations. They are Brigadier General Albert Kargbo (Assistant Chief of Defence Staff for Gender and Equal Opportunities), Brigadier General Ronnie Harleston (Brigade Commander of 5 Infantry Brigade), Colonel George Bangura (Commandant of Peace Mission Training Centre or PMTC) and Lieutenant Colonel Sheku Tejan Sesay (Military Plans and Operations Officer at AU Headquarters in Ethiopia) who is yet to report.

They are being interrogated, say the army, “because of their previous roles and responsibilities, which could have connections with the discovered ammunition”. None of them have been arrested.


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County OKs needle exchange, school officers, Sunday alcohol sales – The Gleaner

Needle exchange(Photo: J&C file photo)

HENDERSON, Ky. – Henderson County is one step closer to having a needle exchange program.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the fiscal court, magistrates gave unanimous approval to a resolution which would allow the Green River District Health Department to create just such a program. The Henderson City Commission will also be presented with a similar resolution needing its approval.

“If you’d asked me about this 10 years ago, I’d question the benefit of such a program,” said Magistrate George Warren. “As time has passed, I see the benefit, not that I like that we need to do it.”

“It just makes sense,” said Magistrate Butch Puttman. “It’s a common sense approach to a problem.”

“Drug use is rampant,” said Magistrate Charles Alexander. “I think things like this can hopefully reduce the numbers” of those using drugs and spreading infectious diseases through shared needles.

“These programs protect the public,” said Henderson County Judge-executive Brad Schneider.

In a past fiscal court meeting, Clay Horton with the Green River District Health Department, told the panel that intravenous drug users often share needles. This in turn leads to the spread of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

“The idea is to provide clean syringes to people so that they aren’t sharing. The interaction with health departments also creates an opportunity for education, to offer tests for infectious disease, and it provides a pathway to offer people recovery and get them help,” he said.

“A study was performed which indicates that people who participate in a syringe access exchange program are five times more likely to enter treatment than those who don’t,” Horton said. “The state legislation allows the health departments to operate these programs, but it requires the consent of the fiscal courts.”


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Beer probably wasn't at the first Thanksgiving, but it can be at yours – Marin Independent Journal

Thanksgiving has come, and while some national leaders beat the war drum against immigrants seeking better lives, this holiday of gratitude should remind the mindful that most Americans today have ancestors who immigrated to this continent. They came by boat, mostly via the Atlantic, and en route they drank beer. That’s the story, anyway. Hundreds of years ago, freshwater was notoriously unsafe to consume. On the other hand, various compounds in fermented beverages serve as an antibacterial force and prevent the proliferation of dangerous microbes. Beer and wine were therefore once safer to drink than water and were basic staples for trans-ocean journeying.

It follows that the Pilgrims probably drank beer on the Mayflower as these early immigrants traveled to North America — but how beer played into their lives once they reached the New World is hardly clear. Much online literature claims that the English ship landed at Plymouth Rock and dumped off the Pilgrims in December 1620 because the vessel’s beer supply was running low. It’s a fun story, but is it true?

An undated article at Fermentarium, blogger and homebrewer DJ Spiess argues that the whole idea is a tale first spun by Budweiser in the early 1900s in an unsuccessful attempt to “paint beer as American as apple pie in an effort to improve beer’s image and prevent prohibition.”

“The pilgrims got the heave ho from the Mayflower because they were out of time, not out of beer,” Spiess writes. “And they really didn’t get the ‘heave ho’ as many would imply. The Mayflower set sail for England April 5 the following year. That’s five months after reaching America. If the crew was worried about supplies, they would have left much earlier. The ship had at least half of their beer left at this point, because they needed it

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