2019 NFL Draft Big Board 2.0: Justin Herbert Moves Into Top 10 – Sports Illustrated

With bowl season about to get underway, an update of our NFL draft rankings, with the help of evaluators from around the NFL…

1. Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

Height: 6′ 4″ | Weight: 265 pounds
He was the best player in college football over the season’s first three weeks. And his core muscle injury hasn’t changed the way evaluators see his trajectory into the pros.

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2. Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama

Height: 6′ 3″ | Weight: 295 pounds
A great example of the Tide machine at work. Williams wasn’t even a starter last year, and now he faces a decision on whether to go pro or not. It really shouldn’t even be much of a decision, because he has played his way into the Top 5.

3. Rashan Gary, DL, Michigan

Height: 6′ 4″ | Weight: 280 pounds
Gary is still really raw, but the expectation that he could run around 4.6 at 280 pounds is enough to make NFL teams think that, with a little refinement, he could be a foundation piece on a really good defense for a long time to come.

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4. Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

Height: 6′ 2″ | Weight: 290 pounds
Will he come in at 280 pounds? How will he interview? Coming into 2018, Oliver looked like a sure thing to go atop the draft, maybe even in front of Bosa. But as scouts have taken a closer look, questions have arisen, as has a feeling that Oliver’s not for everyone.

5. Devin White, Stack LB, LSU

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 240 pounds
He’s not as instinctive as Roquan Smith and may not be quite the college player Smith

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Week 15 NFL betting guide – Best bets, picks advice for all of Sunday's games, including Patriots-Steelers – ESPN

2:45 PM ET

Warren Sharp

Close Special to ESPN.com Licensed professional engineer with 20 years experience Uses advanced metrics to find betting market inefficiencies Specializes in NFL and CFB totals

Preston Johnson

Close Professional sports bettor finding advantages in inefficient markets

It’s Week 15 of the NFL season, and handicappers Warren Sharp and Preston Johnson have you covered with comprehensive betting previews for all of the Saturday and Sunday games (except the Sunday night game, which will be featured in a separate file).

Note: All odds courtesy of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook as of Friday morning.

Saturday Houston Texans (-6.5) at New York Jets

Total: 42.5
PickCenter public consensus pick: 68 percent picked Houston

Johnson: I made a wager on the Jets +7 this week. My projections for the game are Texans -3.4 and a total of 42.5, so once the line reached +7 at a few shops I had to jump in and back New York. I’d still make a smaller play at +6.5, but getting the push on a key number like seven makes it a full bet (so shop around and do your best getting a +7).

Who wins Chargers-Chiefs, Eagles-Rams, Packers-Bears, Cowboys-Colts and Patriots-Steelers?

Winners and projections for every matchup, plus playoff scenarios, to get you through the weekend. Catch up on Week 15 here.

1 Related

Getting over three points of value across key numbers in the NFL is almost always going to be an edge worth betting, and there is no reason to think that the Jets can’t get it done for us at home after their road win in Buffalo this past Sunday.

Pick: Smaller play on Jets +6.5, full play at +7

Sharp: The Texans have gone extremely run-heavy of late,

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Notebook: Andrew Luck's winning mind games – NFL.com

As the 2018 NFL season rolls on into Week 15, NFL.com’s network of reporters collects the hottest news and notes from across the league, including:

Josh Rosen‘s academic goals.

— How Andrew Luck won a game without snapping the ball.

Josh Gordon‘s strong first season in New England.

NFL: New helmet rule still being ironed out. The NFL admitted at the Winter League Meeting in Dallas this week that enforcement of the new helmet rule this season has been more challenging than expected when the rule was approved last spring, and that there is still a significant ramp-up needed before the foul is being called the way the league envisions it. Rich McKay, the chairman of the Competition Committee, said the rule will not be changed during the upcoming offseason, but there will be an extensive effort made with players, coaches and officials to educate them about what the league believes is a foul and how they want officials to call it during games.

According to McKay, the penalty for lowering the helmet to initiate contact has been called just 15 times in the regular season. The scant number of penalties is especially noteworthy after the NFL was heavily criticized during the preseason, when the violation was called repeatedly — 51 times in the first 33 preseason games. After a conference call of committee members, game officials were instructed to not flag incidental or inadvertent contact. The penalty virtually disappeared after that.

McKay said that more than 100 warning letters have been sent to players after games, an indication of the disconnect between what league officials believe is a violation and what is actually being called during games.

— Judy Battista

Rooney Rule adjusted. Nearly a year after the Oakland Raiders sparked a controversy when

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Can Julio Jones break Jerry Rice’s NFL receiving record? – AL.com

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald made his 1,282nd reception with the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, breaking Jerry Rice’s NFL record for the most catches with one team.

Fitzgerald will be on the same field as another record-breaking receiver on Sunday when the Cardinals square off against the Atlanta Falcons. Wide receiver Julio Jones went past 1,400 receiving yards for 2018 in Atlanta’s previous game, making him the first player in NFL history to reach that milestone in five straight seasons.

The former Alabama standout did it by catching eight passes for 106 yards and two touchdowns against the Green Bay Packers. That gave Jones 48 100-yard receiving games in his eight NFL seasons — one more than Fitzgerald has in his 15 seasons.

“He’s a mutant,” Fitzgerald said of Jones. “That guy, there’s nobody like him in the game. To be that fast, that explosive, that abrupt in terms of change of direction, and his route running is unbelievable.”

Earlier this season, Fitzgerald passed Benjamin Russell High School alumnus Terrell Owens for the second spot in NFL history in receiving yards with 16,108. The only player ahead of him is Jerry Rice with 22,895 receiving yards.

With 10,483 receiving yards, Jones isn’t halfway to Rice’s career total. But could the former Foley High School star reach Rice’s record?

Mark Ingram pulls into tie with Deuce McAllister

One career record that seems certain to fall to Jones is the Falcons’ for receiving yards. Former UAB standout Roddy White piled up 10,863 receiving yards from 2005 through 2015 with Atlanta. Jones needs 381 receiving yards to break the team record.

White said Jones won’t stop at his record.

“The pace that he’s at right now, he can not only be the all-time leading receiver in Falcons’ history, to me he has enough talent

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Miami Miracle was great, but that name … – NFL.com

The Sunday of Week 14 was great fun for NFL fans. We saw upsets, overtimes, walk-offs, even a no-look pass. But nothing topped what went down in Miami.

The play had it all. A double lateral, Kenyan Drake‘s tremendous rope-a-dope near the 40 before his desperate dash and, of course, the sight of Rob Gronkowski — surprisingly inserted into the game by the Great Belichick — making a last-gasp lumber toward Drake, his only reward for the effort a facemask full of Bermuda grass. Considering the unlikelihood of the result and everything the Pats represent as the opponent, it is absolutely in the discussion for play of the decade.

As a LSJF (Long-Suffering Jets Fan) who — through years of abuse — can only feel joy when bad things happen to the Patriots, it was perfect. Well, perfect except for one thing. That name. The Miami Miracle.

Listen, I get it. Alliteration is king when coining these nicknames, and I’ll admit that Miami Miracle has a nice ring to it. But, and maybe it’s just me — OK, it’s almost definitely just me — but I’m a little MIRACLE’d out. We’ve lost control of the word. Consider the history here when going down the list of some of the most famous plays in NFL history:

— Miracle In The Meadowlands
— Music City Miracle
— Monday Night Miracle
— Miracle At The Meadowlands II
— Minneapolis Miracle

That’s a lot of miracles! Honestly, how many plays can one sport attribute to divine agency? We have to be nearing a limit here.

In the good old days — I’m sprouting gray hairs from my ears as I type this — nicknames for famous NFL plays had style. Panache. They told a story, and they were sometimes as famous as the plays they

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