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Shadow is a streaming service that grants you access to a full-on, high-end Windows 10 PC in the cloud. This means that you can stream PC games from a gaming rig located on a remote server to any cruddy old computer you have lying around. While this might sound a little like the now defunct OnLive service, OnLive was marred by issues like heavy compression, latency, and poor game selection. Shadow, developed by the Blade Group, has largely mitigated most of these problems. And since it streams a full-on desktop PC and not just a curated library of games, you could also use it to launch all your Steam games and for productivity tasks like video editing. In addition, you can stream it to numerous devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, MacBooks, and more.

Shadow suggest that the PCs in its server farms are the equivalent to a $2,000 gaming PC. The monthly subscription service starts at $35 per month, and might be a compelling option given the current cost-prohibitive price of GPUs (thanks, cryptocurrency).

Currently, it does have some issues, however. We’ll give you our impressions and tell you if Shadow is worth your time and money.


Shadow’s PCs are equipped with Nvidia’s Quadro P5000 professional graphics cards. In terms of gaming performance, Shadow asserts that this GPU is roughly as fast as Nvidia’s consumer-based GTX 1080. Its systems also have 12GB of RAM, but the lone 256GB hard drive doesn’t provide a lot of storage. The company does plan to roll out different storage payment tiers in the near future that will allow you to pay extra per terabyte each month.

Here’s one of the Blade Group’s servers.

The company’s data centers are located in Paris, the UK, and Santa Clara, CA at the moment. In the

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