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Bushwackers Land Clearing used its fleet of mulchers to tame overgrowth at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant sits on 45,000 heavily wooded acres in southeast Oklahoma, and is one of the Army’s premier bomb and warhead-loading facilities. While the munitions produced here defend the country abroad, the depot itself faces an unlikely enemy at home: vegetation growing out of its boundaries and threatening to overtake the area.

Lucky for Uncle Sam, the Army drafted Bushwackers Land Clearing LLC, a local contractor armed with a fleet of versatile mulchers, including Fecon FTX 128 tracked mulchers. Its mission was simple: to tame the vegetation and retake the depot.

Mulching Maintains Sightlines, Minimizes Fire Hazard

At  McAlester, there are hundreds of bunkers housing munition storage, each arranged symmetrically in rows called magazines. Each bunker has a round top, like an earth-covered igloo, with the slope of the roof varying from 60% to 100%.

Bushwackers was tasked with clearing the overgrown brush and vegetation from encroaching on the bunkers. Gullies and washes with steep banks also have to be cleared. The vegetation is a mixture of brush, trees and grass. The terrain is also varied, with creek beds, flat soil and hilly rocky slopes. 

“It’s our job to push the tree line back, mulching everything to create a new fire break,” says Jerry Arthur, Bushwackers president. “Removing the brush also eliminates potential hiding places, allowing the guards on patrol a better view of the surrounding areas.”

On any given day, Bushwackers has up to 10 machines on site, ranging from brush mowers for grassy areas, to tracked mulchers and excavator-mounted mulchers. Typically, crews top

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