Burglars drank beer, packed valuables during 5-hour standoff in Aurora: homeowner – Chicago Tribune

While an Aurora homeowner was out, strangers broke his window, entered his house, drank his beer and started packing valuables into one of his duffel bags, the resident said Monday.

When police showed up, two men engaged officers in a five-hour standoff starting just before 6 p.m. that left the home in shambles.

Police aren’t sure if the burglars came for the resident’s firearms or if they just happened to pick the home of a gun collector. Police also have not ruled out their possible involvement in other burglaries, Aurora spokesman Dan Ferrelli said.

The sole resident of the home on the 300 block of Western Avenue said only a close circle of friends and neighbors know he owns guns. He thinks there’s no way the suspects, who are in custody but had not been charged as of Monday afternoon, could have known about his collection. No guns were in the bag they’d been packing, said the man, whom the Beacon-News is not naming.

“The only things in there was my laptop, a spare set of car keys with the key fob, my spare garage door opener, like they were gonna come back, and a jar of coins,” said the homeowner, who is in his late 60s and has lived in the same house on Aurora’s West Side since 1993. “I don’t think they came in looking for the guns.”

Regardless, they found them.

The retired telephone company worker said he loves his neighborhood, where people he knows well along with some he just met Saturday have been supportive.

“I got the best neighbors in the world,” he said.

Police said one of those neighbors called police Saturday afternoon, saying two men got out out of a gray Honda Accord, walked to the back of the home and tried

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