Buckeye Man Burned After E-Cigarette Catches Fire in His Pocket, Attorney Says – Phoenix New Times

A Buckeye man was left with severe burns on his right leg after an e-cigarette in his pocket suddenly caught fire, according to his attorneys.

On Monday, 49-year-old Scott Kimmel stopped at a Wendy’s location in Scottsdale. As he walked across the parking lot, Kimmel looked down to see flames shooting out of the pocket of his shorts, according to his account relayed by his wife, Lori, to Phoenix New Times.

Initially, Kimmel considered tearing his shorts off as fast as possible, before remembering that he was in public, she recalled.

“I don’t know exactly how he put out the fire,” Lori Kimmel said. “I just know I’ve seen [his leg] charred red and black and white.”

The brand of e-cigarette was made by KangerTech, an attorney for Kimmel said. The company is based in the city of Shenzen, China, according to its website.

This e-cigarette device caught fire in Kimmel’s pocket, burning him badly.

Courtesy of Scott Kimmel

Attorney Dane Wood of the Brewer Law Firm, a Phoenix personal injury firm, is representing Kimmel and his wife.

Wood said that a lawsuit against the e-cigarette manufacturer is “likely.” They may seek compensatory damages for Kimmel’s medical expenses and time spent in the hospital when he has been unable to work, not to mention his general pain and suffering.

“He’s in extreme pain, and [that] will continue,” Wood said.

Wood pointed out the small, black e-cigarette Kimmel was carrying, which is now charred and ruined. Photos of Kimmel’s leg provided by his attorneys show ugly patches of sagging, burned skin along his upper thigh and calf.

Kimmel went to the emergency room around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, his wife said. After returning from Wendy’s, he initially tried to ignore the pain and avoided telling his wife about the e-cigarette explosion.

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