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There were few things more satisfying to your childhood self than hearing that sharp thwack as a flung rubber band hit its target, the latest victory in your rubber band battle against an older sibling.

You might be too old for that sort of horseplay now — or hey, maybe you’re not (no judgment here) — but you won’t be able to resist the old-school style of the Model PPK and Model 1911 Rubber Band Guns.

Image: Elastic Precision

James Bond has probably never stumbled into a rubber band fight, but on the off chance he did, the PPK would be his weapon of choice.

Modeled after 007’s own handgun and made with hard maple and walnut, it’s easy to load, solidly built, and capable of semi-automatically firing five consecutive rubber bands at up to 20 feet.

In all likelihood, this rubber band gun wouldn’t stand a chance against Ernst Stavro Blofeld or Goldfinger — but seeing as though it comes with 50 rubber bands, it’ll at least keep you amused for hours.

Image: Elastic Precision

Image: Elastic Precision

The Model 1911 rubber band gun, on the other hand, might have a slightly better chance of taking down a supervillain.

Crafted out of white oak wood in the style of “The World’s Most Respected Handgun,” it reloads faster than any other rubber band gun out there and semi-automatically fires six bands in a row.

If you ever find yourself in the middle of a Wild West-style rubber band shootout, this should be the gun you’re slinging — especially since it comes with 100 bands.

Image: Elastic Precision

Prep for your next rubber band duel by nabbing the Model PPK and Model

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