Big banks take a stand against the gun industry – Los Angeles Times

Next week, students around the nation will lead another public protest — the National School Walkout to commemorate the April 20, 1999, Columbine school massacre in Colorado in which 13 people were killed. That mass shooting was, in retrospect, the beginning of the current wave of violent attacks on schools, often by students themselves, and often using semiautomatic firearms. In normal times, responsible adults would argue against kids cutting classes, but these are far from normal times. So we hope this next round of anti-gun and anti-violence protests is even more successful than the March for Our Lives, and that it increases pressure on elected officials to shake loose of the grip of the gun lobby and adopt sensible gun controls. That should begin with a renewed ban on assault-style weapons. Guns designed for, or patterned after, weapons of war have no place in civilian hands.

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