Bevin Says Parents Should Lock Up Guns, But Balks At Making It Law – 89.3 WFPL News Louisville

Gov. Matt Bevin said last week that he thinks parents should be responsible for locking up guns when they have children in the house, but he wouldn’t say whether he thinks that should be mandated by law.

Bevin made the comments to reporters after a meeting of the Federal School Safety Commission — a group of federal officials tasked with coming up with safety recommendations after a string of school shootings earlier this year.

“That’s a responsibility of parents, it shouldn’t even have to be a conversation piece,” Bevin, a Republican, said of locking up guns when children are in the house.

“Parents should understand this, of course parents have an obligation. And it think parents should be held accountable in large measure for ensuring that their children are safe and are not in a position to harm themselves or others because of the parents’ negligence.”

In the wake of the Marshall County High School shooting that killed two students, Bevin has blamed shootings on violent video games, music and television, as well as overuse of cellphones and over-medicating children.

He’s also repeatedly said that he doesn’t think new gun laws will prevent future shootings.

But the comments made to reporters last week about locking up guns are the first from Bevin suggesting that gun owners need to be held responsible if their firearms get into the wrong hands.

At the same time, Bevin wouldn’t say that he would support a bill that would create penalties for parents who leave their guns unsecured when they have kids in the house.

“Parents have a responsibility, no question about it. Parents should be held responsible for ensuring the safety of their kids and what their kids do due to a parents’ negligence, no question,” Bevin said.

“Specifically, should there be a law?

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