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With the release of all finalized player ratings for “Madden NFL 19,” which can be viewed here, more detailed assessments can now be made regarding the relative strengths of all 32 teams at launch of this year’s video game.

Expectations based on the previous season and predictions for the one ahead don’t always match the effectiveness of players and teams in video games. That’s especially true at the start of the season. Going into 2017 in “Madden NFL 18,” the eventual Super Bowl-champion Eagles were ranked 25th.

Using a formula involving the number of players rated in the elite class of 90-plus, quality starters that come in at 80-plus, contributors that fall in the 76-79 range and a bonus based on the rating of the team’s starting quarterback, we’re able to determine the best and worst teams for “Madden NFL 19.”

1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have received a significant Super Bowl bump. They have by far the most players rated both 90-plus and 80-plus. They also are one of only two teams that have multiple quarterbacks rated 80 or above, with Carson Wentz (86) and Nick Foles (80). One of the few ways the team could improve would be Wentz rising from his 86, which will happen if he stays healthy and plays at an MVP level.

2. New Orleans Saints

While they fell in stunning fashion in the divisional round last season, the Saints will start this season as the second best team in the game. New Orleans has top-level players, including the league’s fourth-ranked QB in Drew Brees (90) and the fourth-best DE in Cameron Jordan (95). Last season’s Rookies of the Year, Marshon Lattimore and Alvin Kamara, enter their sophomore seasons at 90 and 88, respectively. The Saints’ roster depth is impressive, with 25 players rated between 76 and 88.

3. New England Patriots

The Patriots are still the top AFC team. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are the only players on the same team rated 99.

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