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Be prepared for a slew of brews from the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. I just got back from a three-week journey to Ireland, Scotland, and England and brought back as much beer as my suitcase allowed.

I figured I start my journey through UK beers with a style that is neglected on BBG but seems to be everywhere overseas…the lager.

West Brewery, located in Glasgow, Scotland, opened up back in 2006 and is the only UK brewery to brew all of its beers under the laws set forth in the Reinheitsgebot, or German Purity Law of 1516. They can be found across the UK and offer a slew of beers in a variety of styles.

Their flagship beer, which I have for you today, is St. Mungo, a Helles lager named after the patron saint of Glasgow. It’s made with Dextrin, Extra Pale, and Light Munich malts as well as Perle, Tettnang, and Tradition hops. It packs a moderate 4.9% ABV and each bottle was a reasonable £1.49 (or roughly $2.15).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the beer. But it poured a clean and crisp light copper color with very little head building up. There was never more than half of a finger of eggshell white foam atop the liquid and it faded rather quickly – after a few moments all that remained was a dusting across the top.

The aroma was standard lager – pale caramel malt with some biscuity undertones. There was a light honey sweetness as well as cereal-like component to it.

My first sip started off very cleanly. There was a light carbonation that was followed by flavors that mostly followed what the nose offered up moments before.

Right away I was struck with a malty saccharine flavor. A bready

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