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CEDAR CITY —A collaboration between Iron County School District, Southwest Technical College, Southern Utah University and MSC Aerospace will provide a Stackable Credential Pathway for students to quickly move into the high paying aerospace and manufacturing industry.

“The proposed Southwest Aerospace and Manufacturing Strategic Workforce Initiative will support students in high school and post-secondary training,” said President Scott Wyatt of SUU in a release. “It will prepare them for technical jobs in southern Utah.”

During the 2018 Utah Legislative session in Salt Lake City, the Legislature granted the request for the Strategic Workforce Initiative funding presented by the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee. This request will extend the current Utah Aerospace Pathway program. This effort will provide the opportunity for stackable credentials with multiple entry points and exit points to support multiple academic paths.

Students completing the Southwest Aerospace Manufacturing Strategic Workforce Initiative have the option to go into the workforce upon graduation from high school or to continue their education through STECH or SUU. This initiative will help students on their journey through higher education, giving them more options.

The credentials will begin with high school training and concurrent enrollment and then extend to additional certificates and certifications, which include as well as associate’s and bachelor’s degrees articulated through STECH and/or SUU. These trained and educated students would supply skilled labor quickly for the growing aerospace and manufacturing industry.

Dr. Richard Cozzens, associate professor in the Department of Engineering and Technology at SUU, is the Principal Investigator for the initiative. Cozzens has been working with STECH, Iron County School District, MSC Aerospace and other industry partners for many years on numerous grants and projects and has built a strong working relationship with each partner.

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Atrevida Beer Company announces grand opening date – Colorado Springs Independent

click to enlarge Atrevida Beer Company will have its grand opening celebration on Saturday, May 5 — Cinco de Mayo — the final step in the business’s metamorphosis under new owner Jessica Fierro, who operates the company with husband Richard and business partner Steve Marzulla.

“We should be starting the festivities right around noon and going in through the night,” says Fierro.

She bought the brewery, then known as Great Storm Brewing, from then-owners Jeff and Lynn Jacobs in January 2018. Over the months, she and her team have been preparing for the rebranding and reopening, which will include a renovated space and a portfolio of new beers.

For the grand opening, Atrevida will have a total of 15 taps — Fierro’s bringing out a multi-tap kegerator setup so she can pour more beers. The offerings will range from an imperial rye IPA to a porter brewed with Mexican condensed milk and dulce de leche to a fresas con crema strawberry cream ale on nitro.

“We’re going to have a variety,” she says. “I’ve made sure to ramp up my production so people have a really good idea of what my beer style is, and my brewing style.”

And that style, she says, is not nearly as sweet or fruit-forward as what her beers might suggest. She likes her fruits and spices to complement beers that are brewed to style.

“I don’t like that [fruity] flavor to dominate…” she says, using her fresas con crema ale as an example. “You get [the fruit flavor at the end], but it’s a cream ale.”

The grand opening event will feature tacos from Ranch Foods Direct-partnered El Chapin and music courtesy Pueblo- and Greeley-based Tigre FM. Expect also some giveaways from local groups like the Colorado Springs Switchbacks football club.

Of note, she says the brewery will close on Sunday, April 22, and

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Arkansas AG Asks Court to Reject Casino Backers' Complaint – U.S. News & World Report

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What is Elgin getting in new owner of the Grand Victoria Casino? – Chicago Daily Herald

What is Elgin getting with the impending new owner of the Grand Victoria Casino? And should the community be concerned that casino behemoth MGM Resorts International is exiting the risky Illinois market?

The short answer: It could actually end up being a good deal for everyone, experts say.

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Declining revenues

Eldorado Resorts, which announced plans Monday to buy the casino for $327.5 million, has been on a buying spree the last several years. Along with buying the Grand Victoria Casino, the Reno, Nevada-based company announced it’s part of a $1.85 billion deal involving two other companies that will add the operating assets of seven casinos in six states to the Eldorado portfolio.

Eldorado has a reputation for bringing quality entertainment and dining to its acquisitions, gambling analyst Ken Adams said.

Company officials said the Grand Victoria has been well maintained, which will allow them to focus on the guest experience without the need to undertake capital investments.

“They are focused on restaurants and entertainment,” Adams said. “They do a really good job everywhere they go.”

Founder Don Carano opened the Eldorado Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada in 1973, and, in the past 45 years, the company has continued to grow. It owns and operates 20 other properties in 10 states.

“That would indicate some financial stealth, and some very good operation skills,” Adams said.

Those skills will be needed for the Grand Victoria Casino to remain competitive in what’s considered an unstable Illinois gambling environment. Among the risks are yearly attempts by state lawmakers to add casinos, especially in Chicago, and steady increases in video gambling terminals at bars, restaurants and truck stops.

However, MGM Resorts International leaving the Illinois market isn’t necessarily cause

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Why the drop in home runs in 2018? MLB had better hope it's the weather. – The Denver Post

Within the existential crisis confronting Major League Baseball over the way the modern game is played, there was always one saving grace. If the games were going to feature more pitches, more strikeouts, more walks, more pitching changes, and more all-or-nothing swings but fewer balls in play than at any time in the game’s history – all of that could be tolerated, from a fan-experience perspective, as long as there were also tons of home runs.

You could take away bits of action from the margins of the game, as long as the ultimate action – the ball flying over the fence at ever-increasing rates – was the payoff. And for the past few years, that has been the case. It doesn’t mean this version of baseball was better than the old one, but it means, even for fans who might otherwise be turned off, it was tolerable.

“I actually really like the game,” Commissioner Rob Manfred said last year. “But it’s not what I like – the issue is what do the fans want to see. [And] our research suggests the home run is actually a popular play in baseball.”

But what if all the other time- and action-sucking trends held true, but home runs started to decline? That’s where baseball is in April 2018. And just as with a slumping slugger or a struggling pitcher, while it may be too early to panic, it isn’t too early to worry and wonder whether there’s a problem.

Through the first 3 1/2 weeks of the season, strikeout and walk rates have increased over March/April 2017 – with strikeouts accounting for 21.6 percent of all plate appearances last year and 23.0 percent this year (through Thursday), and walks increasing from 8.7 percent to 9.2. That puts the game on a pace

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