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Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

3D audio in headphones that envelops you like a surround sound home theater is an elusive thing. The market is dominated by products for gamers, who play content that’s mixed for surround sound, and who want to hear the crunch of opponents in the bushes behind them as it’s a matter of life and death (in a game at least). Also they don’t want to wake the neighbors at 3AM.

There are plenty of 3D-ready “surround sound” headphones out there, but the new Mobius headphones from Audeze are probably the most sophisticated to date, incorporating not only 3D audio processing but also head tracking to create an experience you just can’t get from any competitor products.

Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

Until now, if you’d heard of Audeze, it was probably in the the context of some absurd audiophile product. The company got its start a decade ago producing very expensive, very large headphones with planar magnetic drivers. The headphones that sit on your desk probably use dynamic drivers. This technology involves transferring audio voltage to a magnet attached to a voice coil which is attached to a speaker diaphragm that vibrates to blast tunes into your ear. Planar headphones are similar in concept but use much larger magnets placed on either side of a very thin diaphragm with a conductor attached. Without getting into it too much, these theoretically produce much better sound. In the beginning, Audeze headphones were very accurate, incredibly large and cumbersome—they even required a separate amplifier for the best results—and cost thousands of dollars. In the years since, the company has expanded its line to produce similarly uncompromising products in better designed packages at more affordable price tags. Yes, most still cost

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