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A game developer took center stage at Samsung’s biggest annual event earlier this week. The largest smartphone company in the world brought Epic Games president Tim Sweeney on stage not just to announce that the Android version of “Fortnite” would be premiering on Galaxy phones, but also to underscore the gaming prowess of its latest model, the Galaxy Note9.

Gaming-centric phones and the games played on them are becoming an increasingly important element of the video game and smartphone industries, thanks to the growing number of people who like to game on the go. Mobile revenues will account for more than 50% of the nearly $138 billion global games market this year, according to global market intelligence group Newzoo. And a mix of phone makers, video game companies, and PC manufacturers are taking note of that massive share mobile games hold of the video game market.

A Smartphone With Two Screens, Physical Triggers
Earlier this year, computer maker Asus unveiled its own game-centric phone under the company’s Republic of Gamer label. While Asus already has a line of smartphones, the ROG Phone was purpose-built for gaming, said Vivian Lien, chief marketing officer of Asus North America, and the head of global ROG strategy.


The Republic of Gamer brand, which sells everything from motherboards to laptops and keyboards, started looking at the smartphone gaming landscape about a year and a half ago. What they saw was that where once games on smartphones were small, short diversions, they were now starting to become full-blown, in-depth games. Some were original, robust titles; others were ports of popular PC or console games. Gaming’s growing reach into smartphones was also driven by a more general growth of gaming culture into mainstream culture. Gaming was making the leap from a subculture to becoming a central, important

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