Another casino adds charging stations to its tables, and we wonder where else we need them – Las Vegas Weekly (blog)

As part of its renovations, Palace Station became the seventh casino in town to provide Sit N Charge phone chargers at all of its table games. You’d think that charging apparatus (and free wifi) would be ubiquitous by now, considering a dead phone means game over for the evening (and that free wifi encourages social media shoutouts). But a night on the town still offers dead zones, unflattering lighting for selfies and only a patchwork of charging options. Here are five places that need more of the latter, stat: Rideshare vehicles. Lyft drivers could earn a five-star ratings by offering backseat chargers. T-Mobile Arena. The venue—named for a cellphone carrier—ought to have chargers at every seat. (Thanks for the free wifi, though.) The gym. Because workouts take way longer after your phone dies and you have to listen to that crappy overhead music. Bars. When the convo gets boring, scroll endlessly without fear. Grocery carts. Ditch the child’s seat in favor of a charger and phone stand right where you need it most.

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