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But one person who does not like beer – and who does not admire Kavanaugh’s enthusiasm for the malt beverage – is the man who nominated him for the high court: President Donald Trump.

“I don’t drink beer,” Trump told reporters Tuesday. “I’ve never had a beer. And I’m not saying good or bad, some people like it. I just choose not to do that for a lot of reasons.”

A day earlier, Trump told reporters that his abstinence from alcohol was “one of my only good traits.”

Though Trump has been defending Kavanaugh in public, he has told confidants in recent days that he did not like the focus on his nominee’s drinking habits, according to numerous advisers.

“The president doesn’t like drinking, and so Kavanaugh talking about how much he likes beer put Trump off,” said one person close to the White House who was briefed on the president’s private conversations and requested anonymity to discuss the president’s views. “It’s not disqualifying or anything serious, but he doesn’t like drinkers.”

The image of Kavanaugh as a debaucherous fraternity brother is settling in. On NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” – whose comedy sketches earn Trump’s notice, even as he claims to not watch them – actor Matt Damon portrayed Kavanaugh as addicted to “brewskis” and capped off his mock Senate testimony by shotgunning a can of beer.

For a high-profile chief executive, Trump is unusually uninhibited and unconstrained. In many aspects of his life, he creates chaos and, at times, careens out of control. But a rare area of self-discipline is his alcohol consumption – or lack thereof.

Despite the image Trump has cultivated of himself as an uber-wealthy playboy who used to party at New York’s legendary Studio 54, the president is a proud teetotaler who says he has

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