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In the beginning of widespread use of firearms, the acquisition of ammunition was mostly a local affair. Most gun owners cast their own round bullets from lead they acquired rather than buying pre-manufactured round balls. Originally ignition was accomplished with flint providing a spark, and black powder could be made on a reasonably local basis consisting of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate. Hence, the components required for shooting were all locally possible.

In more recent times, the manufacture of ammunition has become more specialized, and modern transportation has made centralized manufacture of ammunition more practical. Until just a decade or so ago, there were only a handful of companies making ammunition in the U.S. The growth of recreational shooting and politically generated shortages of ammunition we’ve recently experienced have generated a whole new industry and the ammunition business has grown exponentially. It’s also become much more local. Today, there’re hundreds, if not thousands of smaller companies in the ammunition or ammunition component business.

This growth of opportunity comes from the tremendous groundswell of interest in recreational shooting. More people are shooting now than ever in the history of the United States, a country known across the world for our love of recreational shooting. Currently, more people participate in recreational shooting than in golf and tennis combined. From, 2008 to 2014, the firearms industry in the U.S. grew from166,000 jobs to over 300,000 jobs and had an economic impact growing from 19.1 billion to over 51 billion dollars. The Triad is home to some of those new and growing companies and I’ve recently experienced just how impressive they are.

The Blue Bullets

Barry DeWalt and his son, Nathan, were competitive shooters who began competing in the ‘80s. Since competitive shooting and the

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