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June 20, 2017 3:00 AM

We best succeed in life – and at poker – when we have well-defined goals – both short-term (immediate) and long-term. Our immediate goal at each decision point is important.

Recently, as I was re-reading Mike Caro’s classic book, “Caro’s Fundamental Secrets of WINNING POKER” (Cardoza Publishing;, I was troubled by his “General Winning Advice” that describes his “Magic Best-Profit Tip” on how best to play your strongest hands on early betting rounds: “If a raise looks natural, raise. If a call looks natural, call. Do what opponents expect.” Quite frankly, I don’t know what “looks natural,” and can only guess what my opponents expect; so this is one advice from Caro I do not use.

Mind you, I have the highest regard for Mike Caro (“The mad genius of poker”). I have read his books, and attended many of his poker seminars. All were excellent. I usually heed his words of wisdom – his advice – but not this.

In fact, over the years I have developed my own “Magic Best-Profit Tip: Play your hand based on your immediate goal.

That’s my advice; and, it applies to all betting rounds.


You have been dealt pocket Aces in a low/middle limit hold’em game. If you don’t carelessly reveal your holecards, your opponents have no idea as to the strength of your hand. (You can expect pocket Aces only one out of 221 hands dealt to you.)

In this case, my immediate goal would be to play against two or three opponents, never more than four. The reason is clear and simple: If four or more opponents stay to see the flop, according to basic poker math, your pocket Aces – beautiful to behold – becomes an underdog. In that case, most

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