Alcohol Of Fame

You have reached the Stock Prices Now Alcohol Of Fame page. Here we give credit where credit is due. To the drinking girls and guys that do the cool stuff that typically only shows up on alcohol or around alcohol. We love beer, wine  and liquor and the things that come out after giving the liver a workout, minus the vomit. We pay tribute and salute all booze bad ass stuff on this page.

Alcohol of Fame

Hot Classy Beer Drinking Girl Celebrating Oktoberfest in Savana,Ga

Hot Classy Beer Drinking Girl Celebrating Oktoberfest in Savanna, Ga

Tommy Tattoo Fire Breather. Downtown Denver, Colorado. Living Dragon Instagram - iamadutchmaster

Smoking Alcohol Vape Shot Video – Vaporize alcohol in 4 steps and smoke shot.

Smoking Alcohol Vape Shot Video - This is a real deal video of how to smoke an alcohol shot after the shot. A no gimmick shot that is lit, shot then chased with inhaling the vaporized liquor to complete the shot. Use caution when trying this as you are playing with fire and flammable liquids, then drinking them.

To vaporize alcohol this way there is no pressure, or dry ice needed.

Vape Shot Required items:

Hard Liquor that is 40+ percent alcohol by volume (ABV), or 80 proof is the minimum proof for alcohol that will lite on fire. We recommend Bacardi 151 or some Good old fashioned Absinthe. Also needed to take a Vape Shot are two cups, rocks glasses preferably, a napkin, lighter, and a straw. Also, if there's any cinnamon handy, a pinch is great for effect.

Step 1. Get a liquor that has a high enough alcohol content to lite and stay on fire. Bacardi 151 or some Absinthe works great. Prepare a napkin with a straw punctured through center.

Step 2. Pour 1 - 2 shots of alcohol into rocks glass. Lite on fire. Let alcohol flame for a 3-6 seconds. Throw a pinch of cinnamon on open flame for effect.

Step 3. Blow out flaming alcohol and pour liquor into the other rocks glass. Quickly place napkin over previously on fire rocks glass and turn over. Glass should be upside down with straw parallel to napkin, one end through hole in napkin.

Step 4. Take the alcohol shot. Bring napkin and glass sealed together with straw to lips and inhale the vaporized alcohol. You will see the vaporized alcohol smoke come out and definitely know you just smoked alcohol.

Vaporized Alcohol Video - If you dig this Vape Shot video provided by High Speed Mike, share with friends. As you can see in the smoking alcohol video, Vape Shots hit hard.

Alcohol Of Fame

Alcohol Of Fame

American Patriotic Shot Provided by Joe the Bartender at 3 Margaritas, Tech Center - Denver, Colorado

Hard Liquor Chick

Drunk Hard Liquor Girl partying on Beale St, Memphis showing off her tongue ring.

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