After leaked Dodgers emails, national women's group calls for a broader MLB sexual harassment policy – SB Nation

Major League Baseball and its member teams have never been completely up to snuff with their handling of sexual assault or harassment situations involving players or employees. The recent story involving Twins player Miguel Sano is one of the most glaring examples of how even with a comprehensive policy in place, the league doesn’t necessarily make the correct decisions concerning victims, abusers, and possible punishment.

On Thursday, The Daily Beast broke a story about a minor league player released from the Dodgers’ system in 2015 after he allegedly sexually harassed a hotel maid while training in Arizona, only for that player to be signed by another team in the league and play minor league games for them (the team is not identified in the article and he is apparently no longer an active roster member for them either).

Among the emails The Daily Beast acquired of Dodgers employees discussing the incident and the subsequent release are concerning acknowledgements of what happened. Former head of player development and now-Phillies manager Gabe Kapler said,

“his report made me feel embarrassed for our organization. I assured him that we’d address the situation swiftly and that this would not be an issue going forward.”

Robert Barinas, manager of international scouting, said at one point,

“what I see on this [email] thread cannot be taken lightly. [He] crossed a line and is extremely lucky he isn’t in jail.”

Yet later on in the emails Barinas also hedges when it comes to possible punishment for the player in the wake of his actions, writing,

“AZ Instructs [a postseason development program] is a privilege. Sending him home isn’t a punishment in my mind. His actions just show us that he doesn’t yet deserve that privilege. I suggest we have him report to

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