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A reverse thrust component for jet engines being machined on a DMG Mori DMU 65 with Siemens 840D sl CNC. Cycle 800 allows the DMU 65 to define a rotated working plane in space, commonly known as “3+2 programming.”

DMG Mori (Hoffman Estates, IL) delivers manufacturing technologies to aerospace OEMs and production shops supported by a package of CAD/CAM/CNC hardware, software, and engineering services from Siemens Industry Inc. (Elk Grove Village, IL) for  aerospace machining. A long-time partner with Siemens, DMG Mori builds a variety of conventional chip-cutting and ultrasonic machining centers.

For the aerospace industry, great care and planning in the aerospace machining process are required to achieve desired accuracies and overall production efficiencies. Typical components produced include those made from lightweight but hard materials, such as titanium and related alloys as well as aluminum workpieces, where substantial volumes of material removal occurs. Due to long cycle times and other high raw material costs, the machining of such components is challenging.

Two recent applications illustrate how DMG Mori was able to turn to Siemens to improve part production, including reduction of design-to-part protocols, aerospace machining time, tool life, surface finish, dimensional accuracies and overall production efficiencies.

An aerospace impeller fan machined on the DMU 50 in partnership with Siemens’ CAD-CAM-CNC hardware, software and engineering services. With limited clearance between blades, this piece is only possible with full five-axis machining.

In the first instance, a reverse thrust component for a jet engine was to be made from Ti Gal-4-V, a material often used in aerospace owing to its elastic stiffness. Starting from the CAD file, the Siemens PLM (product lifecycle management) team ran the program through its NX CAM with a VoluMill add-on feature that calculates maximum material removal rates. The user-defined events (UDE) feature inside the NX program allows

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