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September 05, 2018


When first visiting a poker room, you should have questions. Here are seven good ones to ask.

Live poker advice: Seven questions to ask when visiting a poker room in which you have never played.

Every so often a new poker room opens up. Sometimes it’s because there’s a new casino. Other times it’s because an existing casino decides to open a poker room. If you’re like me, whenever this happens you’re like a moth to a flame, eagerly heading over to visit the new room as soon as possible.

A new poker room usually attracts players in the area who have never or only rarely played in a public poker room before. This is generally good for the game, as strictly home game players tend to be looser and less skilled than those who habituate public poker rooms.

The MGM Springfield just opened this past weekend in Springfield, Massachusetts. Living in Boston, Massachusetts, I made my way there three days after it opened. In so doing, I followed a course of action that has served me well in many rooms when they were newly opened. I share with you now my general approach, with the hope that you will have occasion to put it to use before too long when you find yourself visiting a newly opened poker room.

Some of my modus operandi pertains to any new room or room that I haven’t been to before — items that should be on every checklist when visiting any room for the first time. In this article I’ll address the things you should do when arriving at any poker room for the first time. In my subsequent column I’ll address strategy considerations that apply to a room that is

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