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People who love beer are typically the same people who know how to have a good time, unwind and relax with a cold one. Perhaps it makes sense, then, that all over the world, there are places that combine the pleasures of beer with the ultimate way to relax in a way that might surprise you: Behold, the beer spa.

On any regular occasion, being covered in beer doesn’t exactly sound appealing (sticky and a lingering smell of yeast come to mind as the two immediate side effects), but especially in Europe, a bath of beer is billed as detoxifying, and supposedly improves blood circulation and cleanses the pores. The validity of those claims aside, many beer spas also allow visitors to enjoy a personal beer tap to drink from while you soak—one undeniable benefit of the experience.

If you’re one of those people—and lets hope you are—that loves a bath and loves beer even more, here are five places that will let you soak in a tub full of beer, and where to find them.

Bjorbodin Spa


The Bjorbodin Spa in Iceland, newly opened this June, is the latest business to offer travelers the chance to rest their weary bones in a tub filled with a mix of water and beer, with extra hops and yeast added to the mix. The owners say that their beer is “revitalizing” for the skin and hair. A beer tap next to each tub lets you refill your glass as you soak.

Strakenburger Brewery Castle

At this Austrian castle turned brewery, visitors can bath in converted fermentation tanks. The brewery mixes warm water with 300 liters of beer, and the spa recommends that bathers skip the shower afterward to soak in the full effect of the hops.

Bernard Beer Spa

The biggest selling

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