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One of the best ways to see what the consensus view of a team going into the NBA season to consider where oddsmakers set the win total over-under line. This can be a little misleading for some teams with huge fan bases, whose outsized propensity to aim high may push those lines to a bigger number than warranted. But for normal teams — not the Lakers, not the Knicks — it’s a solid indicator of where the majority thinks a team will end up.

Of course, no one really knows. The NBA is ruled by injuries and trades: huge in-season shakeups that tilt the expectations game until it (often) topples over. As such, it’s risky to think you know what’s going to happen in an unpredictable setting. But since injuries happen nearly at random and in-season trades typically have minimal immediate on-court effects, baking in assumptions about those events is impossible. So you just roll with it.

After looking at the current win total over-under lines, here are five teams that look poised to exceed their numbers — barring one of those critical injuries or a surprising trade.

Pistons (37.5 wins)

Why they’ll beat the line: Detroit won 39 games last season despite having Blake Griffin for only 25 games. He’s the best player on the roster, and if healthy, one of the best players in the weakened Eastern Conference.

The Pistons went 8-4 down the stretch once Reggie Jackson returned from injury, with Griffin missing most of those games. Of course, this is not the first time the Pistons finished strong with Jackson after the season was sunk in part due to a Jackson injury. It’s kind of a thing the Pistons do.

The Pistons also have a new coach in Dwane Casey who just might be able to

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