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SEATTLE — PAX West is a place to check out some of the most exciting upcoming games, but games don’t exist in a vacuum. To play, you need PCs and peripherals, something that the convention also shows off in spades.

I got to go hands-on with some of the prettiest and most powerful mice, keyboards, headsets and laptops that PAX West had to offer. If you’re in the market to improve your gaming setup, keep an eye on these gadgets, as they’ll all be out within the next few months.

HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Keyboard

Credit: Marshall Honorof/Tom’s Guide

HyperX started off selling high-quality headsets, but over the last few years, it’s expanded into mice and keyboards — and they’ve begun to rival bigger manufacturers in terms of quality. The HyperX Alloy FPS RGB keyboard targets competitive gamers, with a no-nonsense physical design and quick, strong Kailh Silver Speed key switches.

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This is a bit of a departure from the company’s usual reliance on Cherry MX, but the keys should prove useful for the tournament set, who need unusually quick, responsive buttons with short key travels. Naturally, you can also program buttons and play with the colorful backlighting. The keyboard will be available on September 10 and cost $170.

Corsair Vengeance Gaming PC

Credit: Marshall Honorof/Tom’s Guide

Corsair makes pretty much everything you need to assemble a computer, from power supplies, to fans, to cables, to storage, to RAM. The company already sells a pre-built machine, the Corsair One, but the little desktop PC doesn’t utilize any of Corsair’s gorgeous see-through cases or colorful internal components. Enter the Corsair Vengeance Gaming PC: a machine constructed from Corsair parts, whose LED components respond to colors you see on your screen. There’s not much information on

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