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.450 Bushmaster Ammunition and Accuracy Testing

GRAND RAPIDS, MI USA -(Ammoland.com)- In my prior articles on the .450 Bushmaster, I built a hunting rifle with the help of Brownell’s and subsequently experienced major feeding issues with it. I solved these problems with the help of Tromix and got the gun running smoothly. In this article we will be looking at .450 Bushmaster ammunition and how to get the best accuracy out of your .450 rifle.

To start, we need to lay down some ground rules about the performance of the .450 in general. The round isn’t an especially accurate one by most standards, but it is very far from being a rock in a sock. The .450 is not a long range cartridge, but it is plenty good for hunting in virtually all places in the country except, perhaps, the wide-open plains. Most, including myself, believe it to have an effective range of about 250 yards. It generates a tremendous amount of power at close ranges and is, essentially, a very large pistol cartridge. You could think of the .450 as a large .45 ACP in almost every respect.

For this ammo accuracy and velocity test I used a very nice SWFA SS 3-15x42mm scope. This is an almost recoil-proof, tank of a scope that I’ve used for years. To mount it to the rifle, I selected the rock-solid Midwest Industries MI-QD30-SM quick-detach scope mount. This mount is able to stand up the recoil of the .450 with ease and returns to zero. This combination of scope and mount is what the .450 needs. You can’t have anything moving, especially what you aim with.

Building a .450 Bushmaster AR-15 Hunting Rifle with Brownells

The ammunition that I’ll be looking at in this article comes from two companies: Hornady and Buffalo Bore. The

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