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Once again, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady are involved in a last-minute nail-biter against each other. If the NFL season ended on Dec. 5, CBS Sports’ 2017 NFL MVP would be … well, we wouldn’t have just one MVP because we’d have a tie between two equally deserving players: Wilson and Brady. 

Welcome to CBS Sports’ first edition of the 2017 NFL MVP Watch, where the five NFL writers here at CBS Sports submitted their MVP ballots by ranking their top five candidates. Last year, our process concluded with us giving Matt Ryan the award — a choice that the actual MVP voters ended up agreeing with, for whatever that’s worth. This year, we’ll follow the same process. Every week, we’ll update our individual ballots and crown a new MVP until we finally settle on our MVP at the conclusion of the regular season. 

You’ll find all of our individual ballots heading into Week 14 below. But for now, let’s take a look at our composite ballot. Atop our leaderboard are two quarterbacks with 22 points each: Wilson of the Seahawks and Brady of the Patriots. Behind them, and trailing by a significant margin, is Eagles second-year quarterback Carson Wentz, who was considered a frontrunner not too long ago, but is now firmly entrenched in third place with 15 points. In all, there were nine players named on our ballots. But really, this is a three-horse race between Wilson, Brady, and Wentz. No other player scored in double digits. 

Remember: Every week — from now until the end of the regular season — we’ll be updating our rankings. Consider this edition No. 1 of a tight race. OK, on to the ballots … 

2017 MVP vote heading into Week 14

T-1. Russell Wilson — 22 points
T-1. Tom Brady —

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