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We all know one. They might even be lurking in your friend group: that individual who, in spite of other redeeming personality traits, claims to just hate beer. There are two ways to react to this pitiable individual. The first is to dismiss them entirely, to write them off as a lost cause. The second, and I think more productive, path is to ask them why they don’t like beer. Too bitter? Pour them something besides IPAs. Too heavy? Maybe you can turn them onto a refreshing gose. With more than 6,500 American breweries in existence today, surely one makes a beer your friend will like. Here are a few that I’ve used to convert the staunchest of skeptics.

Recommended Video Remember Surge Soda as a Kid? It’s probably the drink your parents never wanted you to have More Like This Allagash

Wheat beer, 5.1%
Portland, Maine
Few “gateway beers” stand the test of time, tasting just as good to the seasoned beer drinker as they do to the newbie. Allagash’s timeless take on a Belgian witbier is exactly that beer. Its elegant malt bill and subtle spicing make it an approachable upgrade for Shock Top or Blue Moon drinkers, and the deft balance of refinement and refreshment only gets more impressive the more you learn about beer. It’s also superbly food-friendly, making it a great restaurant pick.

Boulder Beer Co.

Chocolate porter, 5.9%
Boulder, Colorado
If you close your eyes and sniff a fresh pint of this chocolate porter, the place in your brain that normally thinks about dessert will light up like a pinball machine. Straight-up chocolate cake aromas deepen into cocoa,

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