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Last Friday, the line of beer drinkers awaiting the noon release of the brew collaboration between Wren House Brewing Company and Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix stretched around the block. We previewed the beer a few months ago. It’s the latest entry in Wren House’s pie-themed “Pie Thief” series.

The brew, Pecan Pie Thief, is a wheat wine — like barley wine, but with the dominant grain being wheat. At two stages of the brewing process, which lasted six weeks, head brewer Preston Thoeny added pecans smoked over at Little Miss BBQ. Theony created a pie-like sugar effect in the beer by way of lactose. This was all in the noble effort of making pecan pie but in high-alcohol liquid form.

The beer was ambitious because, let’s be honest, do you imagine a pecan pie beer tasting good?

Thoeny says the beer turned out better than he envisioned. “I got more pecan than I thought I would,” he said. “It’s kind of hard to get flavor from a nut.”


The Wren House team about to down a toast two minutes before doors open and Pecan Pie Thief is released. (Thoeny is the one in the hat.)

Chris Malloy

Pecan Pie Thief is a damn impressive beer. What makes it tick is a rambunctious alcohol content of just over 10 percent. That high alcohol level gives the dark beer backbone, a pillar of huge warmth to balance its sweeter pie flavors. The comforting richness of pecan shines through. There’s hardly any smoke, and next to the pecan flavor the faint smoke registers as more of a dusky spice of the kind you would expect in a fall pie.

Somehow, the black-coffee-colored brew actually tastes like pecan pie.

It does, but with the pie-ness lowered to

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