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The NBA regular season operates at a frenzied pace, with one game and storyline bleeding into the next. Every Friday here at SI.com, we’ll slow things down in While You Weren’t Watching — a spotlight on the little moments in the week’s slate that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Here’s what you may have missed:

Stretch marks. The value of a power forward or center who can shoot from the perimeter should at this point be self-evident. Having even one such player in the rotation can be a decongestant for otherwise cluttered lineups, which is directly related to both a free agent boon for shooting forwards (cha-ching, Channing Frye!) and a priority on spot shooting in the development of certain bigs. One forward who has apparently taken up the trade: Magic rookie Aaron Gordon. Thus far he’s spaced out to the three-point line by design, where he’s taken three attempts in his first two games. The first was a clean make, lending some hope to the process of expanding his range. The second…well…:

Gordon and Orlando are both in a perfect position to undergo this kind of development, but it’s going to be a long road ahead.

Floor burns. Have to love the abandon of Elfrid Payton here, who just won’t leave Jrue Holiday alone:

For those counting at home, Payton poked the ball away four times on that one sequence. Credit to Holiday for scrapping, too, but the momentum of his efforts fell flat with Ryan Anderson‘s thudding corner three-pointer.

A first time for everything. Those who turned into the B-side matchup of the Pelicans and Magic on opening night were treated to a true rarity: The incessantly right-hand-dominant <a class="colorbox" rel="nofollow" …read more

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