Which come first, the bikers or the bike lanes? How Seattle can … – The Seattle Times

Not even 3 percent.

That’s the stat used by those who object to adding bike lanes to Seattle’s crowded streets, which necessarily means fewer parking spaces and less roadway for cars.

Only 2.9 percent of workers in center-city Seattle typically rode a bike to work in 2016, according to data from Commute Seattle, a nonprofit funded by business and transportation agencies.

Calling all bicyclists and pedestrians: What’s your roadway pet peeve?

A greater percentage than that telecommuted. More than twice as many walked to work. More than 16 times as many took public transit.

Well, bicycling advocates respond, you’re not going to get more cyclists until you build more bike lanes.

It can feel a little chicken-and-eggy: Which come first, the bikers or the bike lanes?

A new analysis by Commute Seattle offers some added ammunition for bike advocates.

There are a bunch of large employers, Commute Seattle found, that have a radically higher percentage of bike commuters than the city average. What do those employers have in common?

A couple things, but most notably they’re all near a bike path or a protected bike lane.

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