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The Boston Red Sox announced Wednesday that they had fired manager John Farrell, after five years, three division titles, and a World Series championship. A day later, we still have no idea why they fired him.

Ace Red Sox beat writer Tim Britton did offer a lot of context to try to explain the firing. Britton noted some problems connecting with a team that was considerably younger than the one he inherited in 2013, en route to that World Series crown. He also cited some problems that might fall under the heading of bad optics — including David Price feud with broadcaster Dennis Eckersley, Pablo Sandoval using Instagram during the game, and the fallout from Manny Machado hard slide into Dustin Pedroia in April. But Britton was quick to add that none of those headline-grabbing incidents derailed the team’s success, as the Sox went on to their second straight 93-win season, and second straight AL East title.

If writers struggled to find a definitive answer, that was because Boston’s general manager didn’t offer anything close to one. In a Wednesday press conference, Dave Dombrowski was aggressively vague in explaining why Farrell is now unemployed. “At this point, sometimes change can be better, and that’s why we decided to move forward with the change. You make moves because you think it’s the best for an organization in that particular time. I’m not going to get into anything beyond that other than [there is] a lot of different factors.” Dombrowski went on to add that Boston losing in the ALDS this season and last wasn’t a major factor in his decision.

There’s an obvious reason why Dombrowski didn’t go into more detail. It’s because the

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