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Dear Poker Santa,

I’m not sure if you’re real, but I’m leaving this list for you just in case. There are some things I would like for Christmas. I will leave a glass of cognac (not the cheap stuff but not top of the line either – I’m a poker writer, you know) and some chips (poker chips, obviously) for you, too.

End Misogyny in Poker

I’ve been talking about the sexism and misogyny in poker for many years. Others have been talking about it more recently, such as Cate Hall a few months ago and Justin Bonomo in November. It has been a long road for women in poker, from the days when players like Barbara Enright and Linda Johnson made inroads, to today when women still have to fight to be heard.

It would be great for men to listen, understand, and make an effort to change their behaviors so women would feel more welcome in the world of poker. Should women be treated as complete equals in the poker business – at the table, in the media, and in executive roles – the game could easily experience another boom and grow in ways most men never thought possible.

Spread Diversity and Multiculturalism

One aspect of poker that has almost always been true is that most players don’t care where their opponents were born or raised. There is incredible ethnic diversity in poker, especially in tournaments hosted in European cities. Players travel from various countries and continents to compete, and most players pay little to no attention to their competitors’ ethnicity or religion.

In today’s world, which can be full of ethnocentrism, religious discrimination, and general xenophobia, the openness typically found in poker could be useful in the world’s broader society. Israelis compete against Palestinians on…

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