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BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Many of the guns seized in Massachusetts are registered in other states.

According to the ATF, 178 guns from New Hampshire, 105 guns from Maine, 63 guns for Florida, and 57 guns from Georgia were used to commit crimes in Massachusetts last year.

The 22News I-Team discovered, some crime guns can’t be traced back to their original owner, because they were purchased online in pieces, and assembled by an individual.

They’re called “ghost guns,” and the pieces to make them can legally be purchased over the Internet in most states with an FID card.

Ghost guns are made with an unfinished receiver, which is the pistol frame that houses internal components such as the hammer, and firing mechanism. Most of the time, they don’t have a serial number, but do require some modification.

Mario Torchia owns Nick’s Sports Shop in Palmer. He doesn’t build guns, but showed the I-Team how the process would work. “This will be not finished, and you will be missing a couple pins that still need to be drilled out.”

Torchia told the I-Team as gun laws get stricter, ghost guns get more appealing. “I think the government, by banning these types of guns, has created that market. So now, you have a whole market of legal gun owners that want these guns, that can build them, and the state has no record of them.”

Mickey Leadingham is the Special Agent in Charge of the ATF’s Boston Field Division. He told the I-Team, when someone uses a gun to commit a crime, law enforcement will use the serial number to track that gun to its original owner. “There’s no serial numbers or makings on that firearm that could allow us, the ATF, to track that back to the original manufacturer, because he

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