Tom Brady, Peyton Manning prove NFL’s true priority – USA TODAY

USA TODAY Sports’ Lindsay H. Jones breaks down what to watch for Week 9.

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00:03 Without question the best AFC game of the week if
00:06 the one in Foxboro between Tom Brady’s New England Patriots and
00:09 pain Manning’s Denver Broncos. Both teams have six wins and this
00:14 Cain could have a huge factor in who ends up with
00:17 a number one seed in the AFC. And given how well
00:20 both of these teens and especially both of these quarterbacks. Play
00:23 at home home field advantage in January will be crucial. But
00:28 like it always is when these two teams play this game
00:31 is all about the quarterbacks and right now. There’s nobody got
00:34 hurt and Tom Brady and Peyton Manning even at 37 and
00:37 38 years old respectively. This is gonna be another one of
00:41 those Peyton Manning and Brady showdown that I can’t wait to
00:44 watch. The biggest injury situation that we have to watch in
00:48 week nine is Tony Romo and his back. Romo suffered back
00:53 contusion basically it ruse and Monday night’s loss to Washington they’d
00:58 probably say there’s no structural damage around surgically repaired back so
01:03 this week it’s just going to be a pain management issue.
01:07 We’re almost …read more

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