The Swede who went from poker champ to AI guru: Here's why I left everything for a startup – Business Insider Nordic

Hugo Langéen from Malmö, Sweden, has drastically changed career paths three times: from orchestra musician to poker pro, and made a living as a daytrader. Today he runs the fintech startup Century Analytics, an upcoming asset management firm specialized in trading currencies using artificial intelligence.

It all started with music.

“Being a musician is about putting extreme amounts of time into something very specific, and abstract at the same time. When you’re trying to become skilled it’s within the frames of an abstract world that is hard to measure.”

“To be great you have to analyze your abstract work, and place it within a framework. Music taught me to rest in the creative process, without being able to measure it.”

To really master an instrument takes extremely long time, and requires a lot of attention to details. That is a practice Hugo Langéen has brought to all of his new careers.

“What music and life as an entrepreneur has in common, from my point of view, is that I do it because I love it and not just for the money.”

Hugo got a contract at the Malmö Opera, playing for the orchestra. But after a while he felt that there were no further career steps within that profession.

By then he’d already been playing poker for a long time.

“Poker is in a sense the opposite of music, you get instant feedback in poker (when playing online) – and there is no limit to how good you can get. You receive stats on exactly everything; fast feedback loops regarding what’s good and bad and you get to build strategies – which is something I love.”

“The most valuable take-away from poker is learning to see psychological patterns. Stats are important, but understanding how people behave and use psychology patterns

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