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The following piece by Palak Pujara was originally published by Milwaukee Area Science Advocates.

Living in Milwaukee, it is easy to see beer is a part of our city’s culture and history. It plays a role in giving our city its distinct character and identity. What some Milwaukee beer lovers might not know is how strongly our beer history is tied to science and politics.

Milwaukee beer history goes back to the 1840s, when there was a large influx of German immigrants to the US due to political turmoil in Germany. Many of these immigrants settled in Wisconsin, especially Milwaukee, giving us a touch of German culture that has lasted through the centuries. The Germans brought their knowledge of beer with them, and breweries started opening across the state. Many of these breweries were only large enough to serve the neighborhood they resided in, and sometimes, neighborhoods formed around a new brewery. The breweries served as community centers, and hosted everything from weddings to town hall meetings. By 1856, there were over two dozen breweries in Milwaukee alone.

Most breweries served German style beers such as pilsners, since the brewmasters were German immigrants. However, during this time in the 1840s and 1850s neither the brewers in Germany nor Milwaukee truly understood the science behind the brewing process. Milwaukee draws its beer history from Germany, but the history of beer itself goes back over 7,000 years.

Early forms of beer were discovered in closed jars of grains that had started to ferment, or break down sugars to form alcohol. People started to realize that the grains fermented into alcoholic beverages if they were set out for the correct amount of time. The process was given the name “fermentation” based on the Latin word for boil, fervere, due to the bubbles formed

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