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Whether you’re playing on PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch, you’ll want a great gaming headset to get the best audio quality for gameplay or chatting online.

By Christopher Minasians | 10 hours ago

You may think of gaming headsets as the sort of purchase limited to the hardcorest of the hardcore gamers, but there are actually plenty of people who could benefit from a decent set.

Whether you want to play online and trash talk your competition, get great audio from your Switch while you play on the go, or just plug in to save your family or partner from listening to the sounds of gunfire while you game, a decent gaming headset is worth the investment – though it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Still, it’s not always a straightforward decision, and you’ll have to bear a few factors in mind. First, there’s the console you want to use it for. The Switch and 3DS only support wired headphones, so that rules out Bluetooth if your main aim is playing on a Nintendo console.

The PS4 will work with either, and the Xbox One depends entirely on which controller model you have – the most recent support Bluetooth, older models are wired-only, and the oldest even require an adapter. If you’re a PC gamer, your PC may or may not have Bluetooth support – though you can always grab a Wi-Fi headset, or pick up a Bluetooth dongle for your computer.

Wired sets also tend to boast better response times and audio quality, and you also need to think about whether you want an in-line or boom microphone, whether you need them to be lightweight and portable or not, and how much muting and audio mixing functionality you need built in.

That’s not even getting

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