The Bellagio Live Poker Stream: A Player's Perspective –

On the night of April 26, 2017, the Bellagio brought together some of the best poker players for the debut of Bellagio Poker On The Strip, (or POTS), a new live stream poker show.

It’s the only live poker stream show directly from the Las Vegas Strip. The majority of the players had highly coveted titles and, literally, multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in poker winnings.

I say “the majority” because I (a lowly amateur!) was also one of the players selected for the debut show. In fact, I managed to be involved in two of the largest hands of the night with some very, very good professionals. So what is it like to play on a live stream against some of the best players in the world? Read on and I’ll give you the amateur player’s perspective.

Getting on the Show

I love all of the great poker and analysis that is being put out on streams right now, so I was really happy to see the announcement for Bellagio POTS.

Although I really enjoy playing poker, I’ve only been an avid player for about three years and I have a modest Hendon Mob profile. So I made myself about a +700 dog to get selected to be on the show since I’m a relative nobody in the poker world. Little did I know that a ticket like that would cash!

The Bellagio created an application that prospective players were asked to fill out. It had questions about your poker dreams and past results, it also had a general section to describe yourself. When I’ve been faced with these types of questions in the past, I have found that being completely honest and open about yourself is the best way to go.

All of us have a unique life

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