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A healthy toke at the top of a hike—minus the smoke.    Photo: Courtesy of KevinOPhotography/Fe

As states continue to legalize marijuana—we’re up to eight (not including Washington, D.C.) after last November’s election—you may find yourself wanting to smoke a joint the next time you go on an adventure in one of those places. Here’s the problem: a joint involves smoke in your lungs, which isn’t great for charging hard uphill. Plus, you have to pull a lighter out of your pocket, and the places we play are sometimes windy and dry. In short: joints aren’t worth the effort.

It’s also important to know that President Trump is less likely to overlook recreational use in states than Obama was—and Attorney General Jeff Sessions hates him some potheads. And even if you’re camping in a national park in Colorado or hiking in a national forest in Washington, you’re still on federal land and therefore subject to federal laws.

The much easier option—if you’re in a state where it’s legal, and not on federal property, and following all the laws—is to bring along a vaporizer. As the marijuana industry continues to grow, so do the available options. We tested several in near-zero-degree weather on ski hills and on warm days in desert canyons. The good news: all have long-lasting batteries and are fairly inconspicuous. (Though, really, we doubt the liftie who just cheefed a blunt in the hut is going to yell at you.) These four, all designed to be used with flower rather than extract, are worth adding to your arsenal.

Pax 3 ($275)   Photo: Courtesy of Pax

Best For: Mild adventuring

The Pax 3 is sleek and stylish—more like a little piece of industrial art than a vaporizer. Turning it on and off and adjusting the temperature

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