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Sudan’s aviation aspirations extend to the four-seat SAFAT 04 with an eight-seat twin to follow.

Sudan is not a country which immediately comes to mind when aviation is the topic of discussion, but the regular appearance of SAFAT Group at Dubai Airshow provides an opportunity for updates.

The company has now assembled around 20 (as SAFAT 02) of the nearly 90 Aerokopter AK1-3 two-seat light helicopters fabricated in Ukraine, although plans for a complete takeover of manufacture having been held in abeyance. Two SAFAT 02s are in service with the Khartoum Police, while one in the static display in Dubai is equipped with a gyro-stabilized camera and laser range-finding system; a 100-km (62-mile) range datalink; and system operator’s console.

SAFAT 03, the two-seat, low-wing trainer is still under development, although a second flying prototype is in the process of fabrication. The first 03 is flying daily at the Airshow, and a non-airworthy demonstrator is in the static.

On view for the first time is a model of SAFAT 04, which proves to be a four-seat derivative of 03 with enlarged rear glazing.

Looking further into the future, a draft has been made of a twin-prop eight-seater, the SAFAT 05 which is now seeking launch funding to allow development to begin in March 2021. This work will be undertaken by Sudan’s own Aeronautical Research & Development Center. 

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