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We love most about talk radio listeners know. He’s gay NFL game. They are being in bed in the morning 6:46. On a Friday morning now all three big things. Arkansas carries out its first execution in twelve years. Police shoot out in Seattle three officers wounded one suspect dead the Wichita police officers rule change uniform color from brown. To dark blue. Three big things even dead on K innocence. In traffic this morning we don’t need gasoline prices up there. Obviously price to 27 a gallon a lot of places I thought better Q 25. Money and rating in traffic updates from Kate and SS radio and get chambers flood watch today. 80% chance for rain thunderstorms were possible heavy rain today a high of 55 degrees. Ninety percentage it’s parade tonight it’s going to raise folks. Overnight low 44 Saturday mostly cloudy 40% chance for rain. And a high of 58 now cloudy 55 degrees east wind at twenty miles per hour spring is in the air. And safe fun. In the sun with the new utility or one of their many sun hats for men went into the sun comes backstop in zone at man jacks at the clock tower in the Leino. At manned jacks. Well the topic was steal at the White House Thursday. You’re your politically insights from ABC news for American steel. President trump flanked by steel workers and industry leaders ordered an investigation. Into foreign steel imports from the Oval Office. During the campaign then candidate trump criticized what he called China’s steel dumping but now. It’s definitely candidates have said it would world. What’s happening for dumping problem the world life. Meanwhile speculation continues over the next steps for Republican health oversight committee chairman decent tickets. Here’s ABC’s Brad milky a pact called friends of Jason shape it’s just bought two domains Jason shape at 20/20 eight dot com. Casual Jason 20/20 eight dot com that would give him time to honor his promised not to run for anything next year with Utah governorship in 20/20. And served two terms before taking a shot at the White House. Not that that’s on his mind of course Javed says he’s not running for reelection but has not ruled out running for any office in the future those are your political insight I’m on his act ABC news Washington. Even 10 in the morning on Candace has done grants he would be the money track Arnot in the studio we gave him a microphone ten Wilbert has his over the desk and we all have microphone that’s let’s talk about that works out an unannounced stop that it industrial. Industrial companies banks technology and materials firms and energy companies all rallied Thursday on Wall Street. A strong day of corporate results left investors feeling better about the economy. The S&P 500 advanced more than seventeen points the Dow rose a 174. Points and the NASDAQ. Gained nearly 54 points to an all time high. A 59 sixteen NASDAQ at an all time high oil benchmark US crude oil rose slightly but remains below 51 dollars per barrel. The Canadian government minister says the administration is looking forward to trade negotiations would Donald Trump. Or despite the US president’s recent criticism of Canadian policy. Trump made his most critical comments yet about Canadian trade by saying Thursday that the US. Can’t let Canada or anybody else take advantage of and do what they did to our workers and to our farmers. Was that. Not here and Tesla is we MacCulloch 53000. Those Canadians you can’t trust of economics at the it is 88. Tesla is recalling fifty du TO 53000 model S sedans in model X suvs. Don’s got a couple those worldwide because their parking brakes may get stuck now and prevent the vehicle for moving. I would be a problem our batteries dead and veterans’ debt are huge opening the recall affects vehicles built between February and October. Of 26 team. And what of the nation’s top poker players has blamed gambling. For more sporty red alias life. While being sensitive and darker more than eight years in prison and 431 million dollar debt collection scam. Over Travelle Thomas cried and apologized yesterday for his buffalo based debt collection business. Which made false threats to thousands of people nationwide paid judge about your gig be 36 votes. I honestly I. Guilty in November agreed to serve as much as fifteen and a half years in prison while a Manhattan federal judge was somewhat lenient. What are the odds and passing him to eight years in four months. What’s the over under Natalie Thomas says it’s already saved his life when they told him he wasn’t allowed to gamble anymore. Who. There is a big problem is professional poker player with the debt collection now as. The pretty red flags anything wrong with this picture 851 now on even dead why is money strategies. You may not know because you’re not a Smart is congrats GOP the money. Our you know our programs on. It. I always like an idea they can make or save me money now you’re a few ideas that. Might do that did diddley did he stick around he wants to hear your lives as well it’s not gonna party just yet and a’s probably gonna do is pretty soon but if you have a kid in college Ted. With a 529 plan consider making a contribution. To the account. Even if you pull that money out immediately after making a contribution. You can qualify for the right off against your Kansas State taxes I knew it that’s. So now we’re allowed eight at 3000 dollar deduction for an individual at 6000 per couple per year in Kansas so put her to get the deduction that take you right out right now it has to go to qualified education expenses obviously so. Now if you want to contribute to an after tax Roth IRA but Q make more than the threshold to contribute. You can do what’s called a back door there’s two backdoor ways to get money into that Roth. The first would be to go through your flu employer’s 401K. Plan now most plants now have a rock for one K provision. It takes after tax contributions from your paycheck. And upon retirement you can roll that into your Roth IRA. Or contribute to your can traditional or Roth. Did periodically convert to a Roth you’ll need to. You’ll need to pay taxes on the conversion amount of that would be essentially the same as contributing to an app it is a contributing after tax income. Now if you or your spouse. As a high deductible health plan you’re allowed to contribute. Before tax dollars to an account that is designed to be used for medical expenses. They essentially offer eight triple tax spring break here’s how work your record off when you make the election to put it into the account. Your money grows tax deferred teed up paying taxes on those gains and then you can withdraw money tax free. If used for qualified medical expenses so Bada bang Bada boom whatever they say that’s three of them. Chances are that you’ll have some hefty medical expenses after you get older. Rather than using your Ira distributions. I’m a you know that money for that and HSA. That has grown in value can be used in set and after age 65 HSA assets can be used to pay for health insurance premiums. Including Medicare part B and long term care insurance premiums as well so those are few things that you may not have known about but you might consider. And of course if you have any questions about those and other strategies you gimmick called number 6342222. Good. On today is kindergarten day and avoid. The first day of kindergarten is a memorable exciting nervous and anxious time for mother and child most children about a father and child never forget the first day of kindergarten. Do you remember the first day of kindergarten either of you gentlemen I don’t. Don’t buy felt any of those emotions bursting I remember kindergarten and remember the first day about it but you know dad’s B I links to sort of remembered the first day dollar members and it was just almost a Mets. Did not want to leave mommy and go to school I don’t know it’ll as a rather timid frightened child. Just to make it a little little unsolicited advice here Steve the only if you want to go you know I don’t know if you wanna go celebrate kindergarten day. I suggest that you do not go start hanging out by Canada has not there yet he probably not I know I’d check is you might get. You don’t but I came to really enjoy kindergarten and enjoys little yet but don’t go back now but officer on celebrating kindergarten and yeah exactly exactly that’s going to be allowed to give us your fridge to make it easier it handcuffed and taken away my kindergarten teachers name and we. Think was museum bush. I’d miss Johnson and a mrs. Travelle instrumental I got in trouble for kissing Heidi — camp in in the front line really doc editor and then another planet are now announced it was of my contemporary miss that her dad on the cat or Cadillac dealership content well see you’re already yeah you are Republican re not work an angle and I consider such a dog like guys later went right on her lips really Carol. I think she like that that she has lipstick on mrs. now none of this accident is not really man. Yeah yeah the thing is my kids both my kids went to we took him to kindergarten I think. I didn’t really get an important Shelly took them. It’s it’s one of those things were not simulator and air in their I thought they were very comfortable with getting out of my house and going to school while. It’d been that and our house Eleanor. Both took them kindergarten day and again if you are a grown man during Q did you not coterie flagrant that’s a good idea they get into hooded solid advice don’t do that aren’t based. 65060 intended. On gay and assess coming up at 7 o’clock UK and us this morning news was even at a complete look at the news Wichita police officers will change uniforms. That’s Dorian lord Steven deadpan sense.

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