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Free agents can now sign with all 30 teams. Clubs are looking to fill holes or upgrade areas of weakness, but they’re also looking for skills, like speed, velocity or power — the kinds of things that they can (and do) use Statcast™ to measure.

You don’t need to be in a front office to find those skills, however, because we can share them here. (A brief but important note that we are sharing what has happened, which can be very different from age-related projections about what may happen in the future.)

We’ll find those skills available in the upcoming free-agent market and share them with you here, but first, a few Statcast™ terms you’ll need to know.

Expected Weighted On-Base Average (xwOBA): Our quality-of-contact metric, which accounts both for defense-independent outcomes of batted balls based on exit velocity and launch angle as well as strikeouts and walks. The 2017 MLB average xwOBA was .314. Read more about xwOBA here and see leaderboards for hitters and pitchers here.

Sprint Speed: Our foot-speed metric, which is displayed in “feet per second [in a player’s fastest one-second window],” where 27 feet per second is average and 30 feet per second is elite. Read more about Sprint Speed here and see the leaderboard here.

Outs Above Average (OAA): Our outfield defense range metric, OAA. Read more about Outs Above Average here and see the leaderboard here.

So, you’re looking for …

The hitter with the best quality of contact

2017: J.D. Martinez, .423 xwOBA
2015-17: Martinez, .402 xwOBA

Statcast: Martinez’s 461-ft. HR

[email protected]: Statcast measures Martinez’s 461-ft. homer

Statcast measures the exit velocity, launch angle and projected distance of J.D. Martinez’s 461-ft. home run

Though Martinez made waves with his massive power production after being traded to Arizona (he hit 29

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