Spotlight: How a sarcophagus inspired poker-playing artist Maggie Wesley – Ottawa Citizen

Spotlight is a weekly look at some of the people who contribute to the Ottawa area’s arts community. This week we visited multimedia artist Maggie Wesley at her Dunrobin home. Her current exhibit, Spirit of Play, continues at the Shenkman Arts Centre until Feb. 6.

“We started playing poker around 1973. We were all nurses working in psychiatry at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, in the formative group. And one of the women, Kate, decided that a poker game would be fun. And I still remember her first meal — a lasagna with a cream sauce. And she played Bolero and we drank way too much wine and had too much fun, so we decided that this just had to be a monthly event.

“There were just four of us at first, but gradually other people started to join in. They were all from the ROH, primarily on the addiction services, which is ironic. But we played for fun. It was called Five Cents and You’re In. That’s what the ante was. Ten dollars would have been a good night of winning in the beginning, and now it’s 20, so it hasn’t gone up that much. The ante has gone from five cents to 15 cents. And we only had one girl who left the group. She decided she would rather be involved in yoga and meditation and expend her energy that way.

“So we play once a month — the second Tuesday of the month — although we take off a couple of months in the summer. And the idea is that whoever hosts the game has to provide the meal and the wine, although the wine consumption has gone down completely. It used to be an incredible amount and we would play all night and leave at

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