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Small Steps Toward Changing the World: NFL Starts to Address Domestic Violence
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If you think the NFL and domestic violence activists have an adversarial relationship, that they are uneasy allies glaring across the negotiating table and wishing the other would fold tents and go away, you are wrong.

‘It is really important to us that people do not see the NFL player as only a purveyor of bad things. There are a lot of good guys out there. …We want them to succeed on the field. But we want them to succeed off the field as well.’ —Esta Soler, president and founder, Futures without Violence

If you think a “strong domestic violence policy” means imposing strict punishments, adopting some zero-tolerance language and declaring mission accomplished, you’re wrong.

‘Prosecution is the easy part of it. What I am talking about is prevention, education and training. That’s really where you have an opportunity to have an impact on the lives of young men, to keep them out of the system by helping them make better decisions.’ —Peter Harvey, former New Jersey attorney general, domestic violence advocate and NFL advisor

If you think the NFL is determined to do the bare minimum to address domestic violence, throwing some suspensions, money and lip service at the problem and hoping that it (or more appropriately, the attention of fans and media) goes away, you are wrong.

‘We are so moved by the voices of the players coming forward. These are great guys. They’re passionate; they’re committed.’ —Virginia Witt, director and co-founder,

‘The commissioner is taking this matter seriously and is laser focused on this issue. He and his advisors are working very hard to be balanced but to make sure that they establish a process that ensures that women are protected and that abusers will not find a safe haven in the league.’ —Harvey

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