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Small cap marijuana stocks Smart Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS: SMVR) and Vitamin Blue Inc (OTCMKTS: VTMB) jumped 40.28% and 38.6%, respectively, while hemp stock Astika Holdings Inc (OTCBB: ASKH) fell 13.75% on Friday. Moreover, only one of these small cap stocks seems to have been the subject of a few paid promotions or investor relations types of activities. So will all three of these marijuana or hemp stocks keep producing highs or lows for investors and traders alike? Here is a quick reality check:

Smart Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS: SMVR) Plans to Enter the Marijuana Edibles Business

Small cap Smart Ventures Inc is an independent energy company engaged in engineering extended reach drilling services, acquisition, development, production, and exploration of oil, gas and minerals internationally. On Friday, Smart Ventures Inc rose 40.28% to $0.07 for a market cap of $2.31 million plus SMVR is up 600% over the past year and down 93.3% in intermittent trading since December 2009 according to Google Finance.


What’s the Catch With Smart Ventures Inc? According to various disclosures, transactions of $2.5k and $10k have or will occur to mention Smart Ventures Inc in various investment newsletters. Last Friday, Smart Ventures Inc announced that it had entered into “meaningful negotiations” for the purchase of a Marijuana Edible Foods Vending Business located in Colorado. Smart Ventures Inc’s intention is to expand and renovate the distribution process with new State-of-the-art equipment and advanced manufacturing techniques in an effort to capitalize on the high demand of cannabis in the state of Colorado. The company is hoping to generate revenues from the sale of edible cannabis foods by the 3rd Quarter of this year. Last Tuesday, Smart Ventures Inc announced that it plans to offer a private placement of up to $10,000,000 at a price between .03-.05 per share and that the company has been in discussions with institutional investors regarding the capital raise to gauge levels of interest. Otherwise and on March 11th, Smart Ventures Inc announced that Redline International, Inc, an offshore institutional equity fund, had agreed to provide a $5,000,000 equity investment contingent upon the company filing a registration statement and the statement becoming effective. However, the latest financials from Smart Ventures Inc date from September 2011 – meaning its investor beware.

Vitamin Blue Inc (OTCMKTS: VTMB) Hires a Marijuana Expert

Small cap Vitamin Blue designs, develops, produces and distributes water boardsports apparel, accessories and related products. On Friday, Vitamin Blue rose 38.6% to $0.0079 to $6.19 million plus VTMB is down 1.25% over the past year and down 98.9% since December 2012 according to Google Finance.


What’s the Catch With Vitamin Blue? According to various disclosures, no transactions have occurred to mention Vitamin Blue in various investment newsletters. Last Friday, Vitamin Blue announced it had retained the services of cannabis industry expert James Davis, a fifteen year veteran who has worked in all aspects of the business which the industry terms “seed to sale,” as a consultant. On Thursday, Vitamin Blue announced that a new audio interview can be heard at Otherwise and in late February, Vitamin Blue gave the following update about its share structure:

“There have never been Convertible Preferred Stock for VTMB nor ever will. There are 100 million Preferred Stock shares since the incorporation of the stock that have not been issued. There has been absolutely no dilution or issuance of the stock in the current quarter. The stock structure is exactly the same as it was the past quarter. Lastly, the insiders of Vitamin Blue have never sold stock and have actually purchased stock in the open market. I wanted to provide this clarification for shareholders as I felt it was pertinent to the correspondence I have been received.”

A quick look at Vitamin Blue’s financials reveals revenues of $45k (most recent reported quarter), $48k, $41k and $27k for the past four reported quarters along with net losses of $33k (most recent reported quarter), $410k, $747k and $200k. At the end of last year, Vitamin Blue had $5k in cash to cover $756k in current liabilities. Those financials are not too exciting and investors might want to wait until the company finds a way to make some money from marijuana.

Astika Holdings Inc (OTCBB: ASKH) Announces Its Entry Into the Industrial Hemp Sector

Small cap Astika Holdings Inc is focused on a variety of strategic acquisitions in service, agriculture and industrial companies to compliment and grow its business. On Friday, Astika Holdings Inc fell 13.75% to $0.690 for a market cap of $7.64 million plus ASKH is up 392.9% since early February according to Google Finance.


What’s the Catch With Astika Holdings Inc? According to various disclosures, no transactions have occurred to mention Astika Holdings Inc in various investment newsletters. Last Tuesday, Astika Holdings Inc issued a press release to talk about its entry into the industrial hemp sector through partnerships with current leaseholders with the goal of acquiring operating facilities to begin its own facilities in Asia and New Zealand with the launch of Nantong HZ Hemp Co. Ltd. The press release appears to be a follow up to its Monday announcement where a Director commented:

“Global demand for hemp is increasing. The Company’s existing relationships with China coupled with New Zealand infrastructure for seed production and food processing along with New Zealand’s temperate climate and ideal soils offers Astika a position to capture the added value and economic benefits that this opportunity presents. We are rapidly adding to Astika’s plans in agriculture by focusing our attention on acquisitions and partners in the high-profile Industrial Hemp sector in China, New Zealand and the world markets. We are excited about this sector and growth opportunity for Astika Holdings and look forward to accelerating all of the Company’s acquisition plans.”

Otherwise and earlier in March, Astika Holdings Inc gave an update about its Nantong Dredging acquisition and said it was near completion in finalizing the terms of the acquisition with the terms of the acquisition to be announced to the shareholders by the end of this month. A quick look at Astika Holdings Inc’s financials reveals revenues of zero (most recent reported quarter), zero and $1k for last year and net losses of $14k (most recent reported quarter), $21k and $25k. At the end of September, Astika Holdings Inc had $8k in cash to cover $10k in current liabilities. So maybe investors should wait for the Nantong Dredging acquisition and its hemp partnerships to be completed.

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