Relocation to LA 2015 could be part of NFL meeting called for November –

The Rams and Raiders both want to call Los Angeles their home once again.

The Rams and Raiders both want to call Los Angeles their home once again. (Getty Images)

The NFL has called a special meeting of its stadium and finance committees — groups that feature many of most powerful owners in the league — for later this month, and while possible relocation of teams to Los Angeles is not on the official agenda, according to league sources, it is possible for the topic to be discussed.

These two groups of owners are integral to any move and in essence control that process as they comprise nearly half of the league, carry heavy cache with their fellow owners and if at some point these committees recommended a plan for a team or teams to relocate to LA, it would most surely pass, league sources said.

Meetings such as this, scheduled this late and with a December full with NFL owner’s meeting already on the docket, are rare and these committees are comprised with some of the owners who have the greatest zest for the league to get to LA as soon as possible, perhaps even by the 2015 season. Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft, in particular, have urged their fellow owners about the import of getting in the LA market at several previous ownership meetings — Jones is on the stadium committee and Kraft is on the finance committee — and these owners have also been a part of a series of conference calls that have taken place over the past 6-12 months to discuss the various Los Angeles projects that are still under consideration.

As previously reported, the Rams and Raiders have been in active discussions with various parties about relocating by 2015 and, if not for the league’s direct oversight of virtually every aspect of a potential franchise relocation to Los …read more

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